Story Snap-shot: Betrayal

The theme of this story is not betrayal; its theme is dealing with betrayal. Betrayal-I.jpg

There is nothing new about betrayal. There is no heart which hasn’t borne its sting. There is no human relationship which has not been immolated in its fires. There have been innumerable stories describing the heartbreak in the wake of a betrayal. This is not another such story.

I wouldn’t ever be able to choose a debilitating emotion to be a theme for my writing. The theme is to learn how to deal with betrayal, to learn prudence instead of numbing yourself in an attempt to protect yourself from future pain. As Brene Brown says in her heart opening way, you cannot numb yourself selectively. When you numb yourself from negative emotions, you also numb yourself from positive ones.

That’s like throwing the baby out with the (dirty) bath water… rather counterproductive, don’t you think? There have got to be better strategies.

Narrated as an exchange between two friends, this five-part story seeks to offer ways in which you can protect yourself from betrayal.

Story Snap-shot: Betrayal

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