Happiness On Command


People let you down. They misunderstand, underestimate and hurt you with their low opinion. They ought to know you better, but don’t. They ought to see your capabilities but don’t. With their thoughtless words and insensitive reactions they show clearly that to them you are worth very little.

Without intending to, they compel you to break through barriers you thought were impregnable.The pain of their low opinion is far deeper than the pain of smashing through the ceiling you thought wasΒ indestructible. You break through; you smash; you stand in brilliant sunshine once again.

To such people, are you grateful? Perhaps they shouldn’t have said the things they did. Perhaps there was a better way to get you back into the sunshine. Perhaps their purpose was never lofty at all. They kicked you when you were down because they knew they could- and get way with it. What of it?

They still did you an incomparable service. Have you let your pain insulated you from the warmth of the sun on your shoulders? That’s not going to help you. It is not possible for blessings and grace to find your home if you shroud yourself in bitterness.

Look instead to where your feet are at this moment. Notice the brilliance of the sun; dance with the motes as they whirl to the music of the cosmos. Tell them, those who gave you pain, that you are grateful to them for saying the words they said; for those words have changed your life. Perhaps that was their purpose in your life, who knows?

Tell them you are grateful right now, don’t wait for tomorrow.

You have a bundle of happiness on command; call it forth.

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Picture: Altered Google Image

27 thoughts on “Happiness On Command”

    1. It does surely Indu. But it isn’t easy to remember that when you are hurting from the lash of someone’s words. Thank you for reading. πŸ™‚

  1. Dagny, it takes a lot to move me to tears. And I’m in no way embarrassed to say for the first time in a long time, I felt tears of joy. The video, whilst being incredibly moving, also has the most powerful message – Express your gratitude. Everything you’ve been through is what has made you what you are today. And your title to the post sums everything up. “Happiness on command” – we have it at our fingertips. Brilliant and thank you for sharing this with us. And now, I’m going to share it after expressing my gratitude.

    1. Sid, you make me happy, happier and happiest. And any other superlatives which may exist beyond that. To be read by a reader as discerning as you is a thing of absolute delight. Thank you for the resonance and the share. πŸ˜€

        1. I don’t touch the right cord with everyone Sid. Thank you for having cords that get touched by my words. Credit where credit is due… right? πŸ˜€

  2. Wow, the post is brilliant… it resonates so well with how we are and how we need to change to feel happiness.. I think all of us needs to learn from this..

    1. You are right Seeta. All of surely need to learn how to be grateful- and to show it before it is too late.

      So delighted you could relate to this post.

  3. Yes, I knew that gratitude is healing, that it is powerful and indeed have experienced it in my own life. Even when you walk on the road, a genuine compliment sometimes coming from a total stranger just lights up your day. A compliment coming from your loved one, a friend or someone you know does miracles to your own happiness. Indeed, the video is powerful. Thank you for sharing this positivity. And the part I liked the best is to practice gratitude when you are low and down. Now, that is indeed what each one of us needs. The power of staying happy is within our control. And no one can take it away. Thank you for this post, Dagny!

    1. More than a compliment, I think the act of mulling over things that someone has done for you, the way someone has stood by you, really makes you feel blessed. Things don’t seem all that hopeless, you don’t feel abandoned or unloved. What else can give you greater happiness than to realize that someone loves you?

      Your comment delights me, as always. <3

  4. Damn it lady! You know how to melt us with your words. Give me your phone no.
    Practice of gratitude comes with seeing good in others and doing good to others, when your thoughts match what you practice and preach or is it vice versa?

    1. I think there is a spiral effect in there somewhere Janu. Gratitude brings blessedness and vice versa.

      I melted your heart? That’s the perfect moment to ask you for the earth, isn’t it? Phone number given boss lady. πŸ˜€ <3

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  6. Being grateful has to be part of our daily life no matte how small the gesture. One must have the sensitivity to realise those little acts or words that others bestow on them. They come as little showers of blessings. Our gratitude is a way of accepting them and expanding the circle of well being. If the driver of a car has waited patiently for you to reverse out of the parking after many tries, the least one can do is to nod a thank you with a smile and voila! the world seems a much better place. These are the little beginnings that lead to larger patterns of happiness. Loved reading your warm ideas!

    1. ‘Our gratitude is a way of accepting them and expanding the circle of well being.’

      What a lovely thing to say ilakshee! Loved your comment. Thank you so much for spreading some sunshine on my blog. πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t know when the big change will come for you. Or maybe your ‘big’ change comes to you every day in parts… as little change. Good to see you here Sailor man πŸ™‚

  7. Funny how close to tears those people on the video were, and some actually cried, at expressing gratitude that perhaps had never been aired before. Just watching it made me tear up, and released pent up feelings of joy. Just this morning, I expressed joy by crying with a friend in person. I expressed gratitude for her being in my life. What a coincidence to see this right after what was a pretty rare life event. Like the universe was confirming for me that I finally got its message. Thanks, Dagny, for helping me on my journey that extra step. I feel so enriched.

    1. Oh, but Brenda, you KNOW there are no coincidences! You had to come and read this today because your faith needed the reinforcement. This video made me tear up too. How simple it is, yet possessed of such deep poignancy.

      Your words have made me feel replete. Thank you for this feeling of ‘connection and sharing’. πŸ™‚

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