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Hot Chocolate

“My my! Someone’s looking like thunder today? What happened Amrita?” Runoo Mosi’s (Mosi: Mother’s sister, aunt. Forming bonds with people one is not related to

Nuisance Value

I read something today that stunned me as if I had been hit between the eyes with a wet towel. There is something about yourself

Counterfeit Virtue

Every virtue- diligence, honesty, fairness, integrity- has its antonym representing the opposite pole. Diligence has sloth , honesty has dishonesty, fairness has unfairness, integrity has

Cindered Dreams (IV)

    [Continued from Cindered Dreams (III)]     Part Four:   I realize that my narrative would become hopelessly jumbled if I did not

Cindered Dreams (III)

  [Continued from Cindered Dreams (II)]     Part Three:   I had a sister. She was five years younger than me and I doted

Cindered Dreams (II)

[Continued from Cindered Dreams] Part Two: Tread softly O gentle stranger,  The cinders of my dreams are warm and still alive from the fires that


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