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Sleeping Giant (IV)

[Continued from Sleeping Giant (I), Sleeping Giant (II) and Sleeping Giant (III).] In Sleeping Giant (III), I told you a few more stories demonstrating my

Sleeping Giant (III)

[Continued from Sleeping Giant (I) and Sleeping Giant (II)] Through the ages, people over the world have recognized and used my power. People have learned

Sleeping Giant (II)

Continued from Sleeping Giant (I) Perhaps you are you are ready to learn how to awaken the giant who slumbers within you. But then again,

Sleeping Giant (I)

Hey there..! Did I startle you..? I am sorry, I guess I must have. I am not sorry I came knocking though. I needed to

Intuitive Action

About 10 years ago my daughter was about 2500 kilometers from Newcastle, and rang me one day sobbing because of an emotional trauma she was


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