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Impossible to Embarrass

Joe_1964: are you there? Annieloveme: yes.. good evening Joe_1964: good evening I got your message… you wanted to talk..? Annieloveme: Yes… Joe_1964: what happened? Annieloveme:

The Urchin

The empty train thundered its way onto the platform. He was riding on the steps of the engine cab, as he loved to do. He

Jogger’s Park

The park was nearly empty this early in the morning… but for the girl. She was sleeping on one of the benches. She lay on

Venerated and Enshrined

Mitali threw herself down on the stone slab under her favourite tree in the park. The park was a serene and soothing place. She thought

Inspired Living

The phone was ringing and I was in an agony of impatience for him to pick it up. This was typical of me of course,

The Bond

They were a family of four. Parents Rahul and Asha, a twenty year old son Namit and a thirteen year old daughter Namrata. It was


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