book editor dagny

Hello There!

My name is Dagny. I’m the human behind the esoteric sounding Serenely Rapt.

I love to read, write and help other writers get better at their chosen art. From the deepest level of editing to author coaching, I do all I can to help you make your book as brilliant as you always wanted it to be. Trust me, it isn’t as tough as you might have thought it was.

Here’s a question for you: what does a writer need? What do YOU need to excel as a writer?

  1. Writing is a lonesome pursuit. It would be pleasant to have some company, the kind you can shut the door on when you want them out of your hair. This is exactly what Indelible Ink is!
  2. You want to be inspired and challenged to stretch yourself as a writer. Never attempted YA fiction before? How about a large spoonful of some Wodehouseian humour? Indelible Ink promises to challenge the socks off you!
  3. You want to know what others and writing and how they put a story together. Who would have thought that Harper Lee’s sole novel (To Kill a Mocking Bird) would not only be a runaway success but retain that spot for over half a century, and counting? Indelible Ink will bring you excellent reading suggestions to help you sharpen your writing skills.

I could go on and on. But I’d rather you tried it out for yourself. Then you tell me what Indelible Ink did for you! How about that?

Here is what my clients say about me.