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Over the years, I have acquired a vast collection of stories and anecdotes to use while I am training. I have always felt that a well-crafted- and well-told- story can put a point across far more effectively than any amount of rhetoric. All such stories have insights to offer, a lesson to teach or a curtain to tear away from our eyes. I decided to put them up on Serenely Rapt so that others could read them too.Outsourced Wisdom

This section also contains articles/stories/ poems which I have reblogged on Serenely Rapt. Some are guest posts by other bloggers. Sometime, I have added a few comments to describe the impact the article has had on me.

I don’t do book reviews- yet. But sometimes I like to share excerpts from the books I have read- with my own two cents added. Again, these comments are not to ‘re-invent the wheel’ but to clarify how the words have impacted me.

This section is a category of all such resources which I will share with you. I hope they will give you the joy they have given me… teach you the lessons they have taught me.

My thanks to all those who have written these stories. There are many stories for which I don’t know the writer. If you know who wrote the stories filed under Author Unknown, please do let me know.

You can find them in the following categories here:

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0 thoughts on “Imbibed Wisdom”

    1. Vidya…

      Stories seem very non threatening. And totally un-preachy. I guess it is easier to absorb lessons when you have no one breathing down your neck. 🙂

      Glad you liked this. I think I’ll post some more stories now that I have a fellow trainer reading. 😀

      Good to see you here…


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