Testimonial- Renuka Iyer

Dagny is ‘The Editor’ any aspiring novelist should approach if they want proper and mature guidance.

Dagny has a knack of understanding the reason behind the crudest and badly written novel or novella. Her mature encouragement and patience makes you want to work harder to improve on your writing skills, and dig deeper into your subconscious to deliver your attempt at excellence.

There are thousands of glamorous editors with testimonials from award-winning writers in cyberspace. Such editors or ‘writing coaches’ as they call themselves will only bleed you of your hard earned money, or they may take some money from you initially to read what you have written, only to dismiss you when they can’t understand why you want to write what you want, because your writing doesn’t adhere to their norms.

If you want genuine guidance for the story you want to tell the world then you should trust Dagny, as she doesn’t piggyback on a gifted writer’s success to prove her mettle as a successful editor. She guides writers who don’t have a knack for writing but have a story to tell, on how to improve their writing so that the world will enjoy, and at times learn and relate to their experiences.

~Renuka Iyer, Author in the making

Former Banker, currently  engaged in online tutoring

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