About Serenely Rapt

Serenely Rapt is a journal. Each leaf of this journal holds a haloed moment, glowing with the sheen of pearls.

As you journey through life, footsore and weary, there come moments which make you draw a sharp breath and stop in your tracks. You see before you a vista so stunning as to make time stand still. You are mesmerized by the intricacy of that vision, filled to the brim with its vividness, ringing with the tinkling laughter of its wonder. Greedily, you savor the moment, letting it carry you into its depths until you are immersed in it, mind, body and soul. Once below the surface, you see things you could never have imagined. Your soul drinks of the stillness; you are quenched, replete.

You are Rapt in your Serenity. There is silence within you. Your consciousness is still, aquiver with anticipation. You know you have reached a place you sought, without knowing you did. Oh, so this is where I every step of my journey was meant to lead me! you say to yourself in wonder. Now that I have reached it, at last, I must sit here for a while, open to what unfolds next. And so it is. And so you are.

That state of readiness is the soil in which seeds of wisdom burgeon in the way miracles happen–without fanfare. You are on the verge of an inner breakthrough. It is a breakthrough that will cause a cataclysmic rearrangement of all your previously held beliefs. Gently, your inner wisdom takes you by the hand and leads you down the path of your own ‘knowing’. It helps you break-down faulty perceptions and beliefs. Your belief system is restructured. Occasionally, a new leg of reference is needed to stabilize the new structure. Your belief system expands, filling out a few newly created gaps. Your new structure is now larger and more robust and far more stable than it ever was before.

The stories you will read on Serenely Rapt might be fictional or real. There will be essays triggered by an intriguing experience. Sometimes there will be a voice strident with outraged pain. You will also find a few giggles to wash away the debris left behind by pain as she sweeps by in her dark cloak. Sometimes, there will even be a moment borrowed from the journey of a fellow traveller.

No matter what the format, every iridescent leaf of this journal strives to lead the reader into a state of self- knowing.

It is my earnest hope that your visits to these pages will entice you away from the shores of your everyday life into deeper waters. There is peace there, in those depths. There you will find many oysters of your own life’s experiences strewn on the bottom, awaiting your touch. You will be able to pick up those oysters and pry them open one by one. I hope you will not be surprised at what you find within.

The pearls you find in those oysters will be the ones you have been making, one layer at a time, all your life.

You are sure to recognize those pearls!

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