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The Gift

Deep in the wilderness of an African village, there lived a missionary. He was a loving man and his piety never came in the way


    He is a powerful man, they say.   They say it like ‘he’ has tapped into an obscure, secret generator of the universe,

Poised: Hang on World

    A Kindergarten teacher was observing her classroom of children while they were drawing. She would occasionally walk around to see each child’s work.

Bar Coded

  Who am I…? What do you mean..? You know who I am..! What are you playing at?   The same question, again? Who am

Sleeping Giant (III)

[Continued from Sleeping Giant (I) and Sleeping Giant (II)] Through the ages, people over the world have recognized and used my power. People have learned

Sleeping Giant (II)

Continued from Sleeping Giant (I) Perhaps you are you are ready to learn how to awaken the giant who slumbers within you. But then again,

Sleeping Giant (I)

Hey there..! Did I startle you..? I am sorry, I guess I must have. I am not sorry I came knocking though. I needed to

Square Pegs

Once upon a time there was a square peg. He didn’t become square, he was born square. Something like having smoke blue eyes, six toes

A Survivor’s Manual

Wounds that drip blood are colorful. Their bloodless counterparts, though more painful, are boring. They have no drama value. I am talking of the wounds

Fenced in

Fences are for protection. They help you hold precious things in a safe enclosure. There is a lot to be said about fences. They help


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