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Perhaps you are you are ready to learn how to awaken the giant who slumbers within you. But then again, perhaps you are looking for more proof. Proof that the power I say I have, I really have. Proof that other people have learned how to harness my power and obtained astounding results in their lives. Before I talk about how best you can harness my power, I’ll give you some live examples of how I work.

As you might have guessed, this is story time. I am going to tell you some stories. First I am going to tell you stories about those who did not deliberately bring me into their plans yet where things conspired so that I was brought into play even without them knowing it. If I were a skeptic, I’d find these stories a lot more convincing that those in which my power was deliberately invoked.

The first of these stories is called:

The Piano

There lived a woman in a small town with her two daughters. She was struggling to make ends meet. Her husband had passed away and task of bringing up her two daughters fell upon her alone. When her girls grew older, she wanted to arrange piano lessons for them. She found a teacher and somehow, scrimping and saving, managed to let them take the lessons. It was a dream come true for her. Her elder daughter, who was thirteen, turned out to be exceptionally talented. The teacher suggested that in order to truly help develop the girl’s talent, the mother buy her a piano so she could practice on her own. The Piano

The mother had wanted to be a musician too when she was a girl. For her to know that her daughter was talented, sent her into an ecstasy of joy. At the same time, her resource-less state was a cause for deep sorrow in her. What she lacked in resources though, she more than made up in spirit and pluck. She was not one to sit and impotently lament her circumstances.

She had no money but her desire to buy a piano for her daughter, to give her the wings to fly- wings she herself was denied- became a compulsive force within her. Day and night she dreamed of procuring a piano from somewhere. She imagined her daughter playing the piano in their small cramped home. She imagined such glorious success for the child that tears of joy would flow down her cheeks. Truly, her child’s talent had ignited a flame within her.

A week later, she was unpacking some groceries and throwing away the newspaper wrappings. All the while she was thinking of some way to arrange for a piano. At night she went to sleep. Around two o’clock in the night she woke up with a start and rushed downstairs. One by one, she took out the discarded newspaper wrappings out of the wastebasket and scanned them feverishly. At last she found out what she was looking for.

It was an advertisement of an amusement and variety fair being held in the city. In small print in a corner, there was a line announcing that there were six pianos for sale – very cheap. The widow of a piano maker was selling off the pianos her husband had made. There were seven pianos in all. The lady had decided to sell six of the pianos at a very nominal amount. She planned to gift the seventh to any talented player who couldn’t afford to buy one. The advertisement was a month old and the next day was the last day of the fair. The woman lost hope. She was sure the pianos must all have been sold out but she went to the fair next day anyway.

She found an old lady sitting at the piano booth and asked her about the pianos. The old lady told her that all the pianos were already sold out. The woman was dejected and turned to go. Then the lady told her that the seventh piano, the one which was to be gifted, was still with her because she had found no worthy candidate. She asked the woman to fetch her daughter immediately and play for her. The woman rushed home to fetch her daughter and asked her to perform. The old lady was impressed with her and so gifted the piano to the child.

Didn’t I tell you that I observe and remember everything… even things NLB never becomes aware of..? All I need is to be told what you need done. I will then minutely observe each experience you go through, each person you meet, each event that takes place, to evaluate how it can serve you in reaching you desired goal. Once I find something, I prod NLB and make him take action. Somehow, I find this arrangement very neat.

The next story is:

The Same Car

A middle level sales executive attended a sales training workshop. One of the session in the workshop focused on visualization and setting up goals. The trainer advised the participants to collect pictures of things they wanted to own and the lifestyle they would like to enjoy. The session made a powerful impact on the executive and he decided to follow the advice to the letter.

He had a fancy for a swanky red car and he combed magazines and periodicals for an advertisement/ feature carrying a red Porsche. He found one at last and he glued it to the door of his wardrobe. He would spend 2-3 minutes visualizing himself driving the car as frequently as he could.Red Porche

Though there was no dramatic spurt in his sales figures, there was a slight improvement in the way business began to flow to him… almost effortlessly. He began to notice coincidences that dissolved roadblocks making things happen smoothly and naturally. He began to notice an absence of friction. It is only then that he realized how difficult things had been earlier- for no discernible reason.

The upshot of this was that in just over a year he was in the position to buy a red Porsche. He went to the showroom to check one out. While the model he wanted was available, it was not available in red. The only red car the showroom had was a demo piece, slightly battered and hence not for sale. The executive was told that he would need to wait for almost three months before the showroom would be able to procure a red Porsche for him. He didn’t want to wait that long and decided to get a discount on the demo car, get them to spruce up the paint work and to buy that.

The day he came to take the delivery of his car, he got talking with the showroom manager and mentioned the picture from the advertisement he had stuck on his wardrobe door.

He was told that the car of which he was now the proud owner, was actually the SAME CAR that had been photographed for the advertisement picture…!

You will be tempted to scoff and say, “Oh that’s just coincidence..! Things like that happen sometimes. What’s the big deal..?”

I am not going to get into a debate with you over this. There is no conclusive proof I can offer to that pesky NLB sitting in your head. Instead, I’ll ask you something.

Do you want such coincidences happening in your life…?

I will assume you said yes. Which brings me to a corollary question.

What is there to lose if you willingly suspend your disbelief and follow my advice…?

You need more proof? Hang on then, more proof coming up.

Part of a series. To be continued…


Note: My apologies for the abrupt change in the title. The old one got stuck in my throat and I was beginning to choke. Beg your pardon and all that stuff. 😀

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