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Genes: The Source of Your Quirks and Foibles

quirks and foibles

Have you ever wondered where some of your quirks and foibles have come from? Look to your gene-pool. When you find yourself gravitating towards particular types of foods; have odd little quirks of character—like a typical stance when standing or tilting your head at an angle when you are listening. Or when you find yourself obsessing […]

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Gratitude: The Pros and Pros of Things


As I said last week, my words seem to have run away from me. I’m trying hard to get into the rhythm of holding on to them as they flit past me, dancing and teasing. After much deliberation, I have decided to write a series of posts on gratitude. In a way, no other topic […]

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Earth: The Only Home You Have

It was World Environment Day on 5th June. The day came and went without too much fanfare. Some token tree plantations, lots of photo-ops, the same hackneyed speeches and that was that. You more or less waved the day a desultory adieu, happy to throw the faint tinge of guilt off and pack it up […]

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Hardly Literate

Imagine a learned, erudite man; a man who has lived and breathed words all his life. This is a man has won accolades for his talent of stringing beautiful words evocatively; for communicating emotions not only with sensitivity but with aplomb. He is a poet par excellence, there is no doubt about it. He effortlessly […]

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Met a suave gentleman yesterday in connection with some paper-work related to Tissayra. On my behalf, this gentleman (an advocate) had applied for some permissions/ registrations with some government departments. When he sent the forms to me to be filled out, I noticed that he had pre-filled some of the columns. For one, he had […]

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Get Over Yourself

I’m genuinely and mightily amused- and have been, for a couple of days. This is the kind of amusement that will always retain a pocket of privacy, no matter how widely and verbosely one describes it to the world. More than the public part, it is this irrevocably private fold that is sending me into […]

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