To Be A Magnet

To Be A Magnet- (Conclusion)

Continued from To Be A Magnet- (II) For many minutes, Cheetah kept silent. Tiger waited. “You do have a point, I can’t deny that”, said Cheetah reluctantly. “But that doesn’t mean we run down what we had. We too had bonding. We too supported each other!” “I am not running down our group Cheetah! I […]

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To Be A Magnet- (II)

Cheetah was afraid of losing his edge; he had worked very hard for it. As the cliché went: Use it or lose it! The thought of losing his speed to nothing but apathy made him very anxious. He saw himself getting rusty and crumbling to dust. How he missed his old buddies! If only he […]

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To Be A Magnet- (I)

Cheetah yawned. It was a typically drowsy, warm summer day. He looked around, utterly bored. There never was anything to do in this awful jungle. Once again, the regret of having to relocate to this dull place smote him. He sighed sadly. He’d had to relocate; there were no gazelles or deer left in his […]

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