Sirens Spell Danger- Book ReviewThe book is an anthology of three thrillers written by C. Suresh , Radha Sawana and Karthik L. Fast paced, with intrigue and mayhem at every step, the stories donโ€™t let you put the book down.

The first story, Femme Fatale by C. Suresh, is a saga in which a series of inevitable events lead to the edge of the seat climax- though a tad predictable. The skill of the author is in the fact that the story seems to have written itself once it got triggered off by a chance meeting of two strangers- a man and the femme fatale. Once the action was set in motion, you get the feeling that it could have ended no other way. The bane of thrillers is the intrusion of the author busily directing traffic hither and thither, making a pest of himself. Suresh, I am happy to say, desisted from this. He did not get underfoot when the hero was doing what heroes do- impressing the socks off the heroine- and the readers.

Suresh also displays quite a sizable talent for describing the attractions of a Siren. Very instructive. ๐Ÿ™‚

The second thriller, Bella Donna by Radha Sawana, is a readerโ€™s delight. There are wheels within wheels in this one. The elaborately constructed plot is lent depth by the use of an intricately woven net of clues. The authorโ€™s knowledge of her professional field (chemical research) was put to excellent use. The story was crafted with precision with no loose ends or improbable events jamming up the works.

The brief section at the head of each chapter, conveyed the anguish of a tortured soul added a piquancy to the reading experience. The reader got the experience of reading two concurrent stories. There is no way I would have wanted to miss this one.

It was an immensely satisfying read.

The third thriller, Bellary by Karthik L, takes you deep into the realm of the paranormal. While the action is swift, I was disappointed with the holes in the story. The events did not โ€˜hang togetherโ€™. Instead, one got the feeling that they have been contrived rather haphazardly merely because the story needed it. The a few key events unfolded with unconvincing rationale which made one wonder what Karthik was up to.

The editing too fell short of the standard demonstrated by the rest of the book.

My overall rating of the book is 3/5.

The book is available at Amazon and has a Facebook Page where more details will be available.