Conscious Mind

Sleeping Giant (IV)

[Continued from Sleeping Giant (I), Sleeping Giant (II) and Sleeping Giant (III).] In Sleeping Giant (III), I told you a few more stories demonstrating my power. I know the conscious mind (Noisy Little Brother, NLB) is a tough customer and it takes an effort to silence him and all his clever comments. Your self-talk is […]

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Sleeping Giant (III)

[Continued from Sleeping Giant (I) and Sleeping Giant (II)] Through the ages, people over the world have recognized and used my power. People have learned to silence the conscious mind (Noisy Little Brother- NLB) and to let me, the subconscious mind, take the reins. They have allowed the true master rule over one who was […]

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Sleeping Giant (II)

Continued from Sleeping Giant (I) Perhaps you are you are ready to learn how to awaken the giant who slumbers within you. But then again, perhaps you are looking for more proof. Proof that the power I say I have, I really have. Proof that other people have learned how to harness my power and […]

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