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In Sleeping Giant (III), I told you a few more stories demonstrating my power. I know the conscious mind (Noisy Little Brother, NLB) is a tough customer and it takes an effort to silence him and all his clever comments. Your self-talk is made up entirely of his cute comments and you know, better than anyone, how negative and depressing THAT is. You know now, don’t you, why I want him silenced..? He won’t let me DO anything for his constant bickering distracts me terribly. I get so fed up of him, I just throw my tools down and give up. Sometimes, I confess I even let him push me around- when I should know better. I am not proud of it, just stating it as it is.

Without further ado then, I’ll show you a little more of MY kind of world. A world in which I am allowed to take the reins of your life- as I ought to. Let me show you what happens when I- your sub-conscious mind- am allowed to be in the driving seat of your life. I will do that by showing you also how NLB can derail even me… and make me obey him and wreak your life. Until you bring me back to my senses and with deliberate purpose snatch away the wheel from him and give it in my hands.

Writer’s Aid Writer

Robert Louis Stevenson, in one of his books Across the Plains, devotes a whole chapter to dreams. He was a vivid dreamer and had the persistent habit of giving specific instructions to his subconscious every night prior to sleep. He would request his subconscious to evolve stories for him while he slept. For example, if Stevenson’s funds were at low ebb, his command to his subconscious would be something like this: “Give me a good thrilling novel which will be marketable and profitable.” His subconscious responded magnificently.

Stevenson says, “These little brownies [the intelligences and powers of his subconscious] can tell me a story piece by piece, like a serial, and keep me, its supposed creator, all the while in total ignorance of where they aim.” And he added: “That part of my work which is done when I am up and about [while he is consciously aware and awake] is by no means necessarily mine, since all goes to show that the brownies have a hand in it even then.”

The Jinx

Mr. Block said that he had been making an annual income of $20,000, but for the past three months all doors seemed to jam tightly. He brought clients up to the point where they were about to sign on the dotted line, and then at the eleventh hour the door closed. He added that perhaps a jinx was following him.

Three months previously Mr Block had become very irritated, annoyed, and resentful toward a dentist who, after he had promised to sign a contract, had withdrawn at the last moment. He began to live in the unconscious fear that other clients would do the same, thereby setting up a history of frustration, hostility, and obstacles. He gradually built up in his mind a belief in obstruction and last minute cancellations until a vicious circle had been established. Mr. Block realized that the trouble was in his mind, and that it was essential to change his mental attitude.

His run of so-called misfortune was broken in the following way: “I realize I am one with the infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind which knows no obstacle, difficulty, or delay. I live in the joyous expectancy of the best. My deeper mind responds to my thoughts. I know that the work of the infinite power of my subconscious cannot be hindered. Infinite intelligence always finishes successfully whatever it begins. Creative wisdom works through me bringing all my plans and purposes to completion. Whatever I start, I bring to a successful conclusion. My aim in life is to give wonderful service, and all those whom I contact are blessed by what I have to offer. All my work comes to full fruition in divine order.” He repeated this prayer every morning before going to call on his customers, and he also prayed each night prior to sleep. In a short time he had established a new habit pattern in his subconscious mind, and he was back in his old accustomed stride as a successful salesman.


The general manager of an organization told me that for three years he feared he would lose his position. He was always imagining failure. The thing he feared did not exist, save as a morbid anxious thought in his own mind. His vivid imagination dramatized the loss of his job until he became nervous and neurotic. Finally he was asked to resign.

Actually, he dismissed himself. His constant negative imagery and fear suggestions to his subconscious mind caused the latter to respond and react accordingly. It caused him to make mistakes and foolish decisions, which resulted in his failure as a general manager. His dismissal would never have happened,. if he had immediately moved to the opposite in his mind.

Beautiful Singer audition

A young singer was invited to give an audition. She had been looking forward to the interview, but on three previous occasions she had failed miserably due to fear of failure. This young lady had a very good voice, but she had been saying to herself, “When the time comes for me to sing, maybe they won’t like me. I will try, but I’m full of fear and anxiety.”  

Her subconscious mind accepted these negative autosuggestions as a request and proceeded to manifest them and bring them into her experience. The cause was an involuntary autosuggestion, i.e., silent fear thoughts emotionalized and subjectified.

She overcame it by the following technique: Three times a day she isolated herself in a room. She sat down comfortably in an armchair, relaxed her body, and closed her eyes. She stilled her mind and body as best she could. Physical inertia favors mental passivity and renders the mind more receptive to suggestion. She counteracted the fear suggestion by saying to herself, “I sing beautifully. I am poised, serene, confident, and calm.” She repeated this statement slowly, quietly, and with feeling from five to ten times at each sitting. She had three such “sittings” every day and one immediately prior to sleep. At the end of a week she was completely poised and confident. When the invitation to audition came, she gave a remarkable, wonderful audition.

Do I need to rub it in..? You can see now I am sure, that NLB is a gloomy, depressed kind of a bird whose world view can at best be called ‘shaded’. Someone less tactful than me (and not his brother), would have said he was covered with the blackest tar there is. Don’t get me wrong, I like him- the crazy lil runt. He is plenty smart. If you ask him to extract a sheep’s brain, he’ll be able to do it. But if you fool yourself into believing that he could also perform brain surgery on a sheep since he ‘knows all about brains’… well… I guess you need your head examined..! Serve you right if a smart alec like our NLB gets hold of your brain…! Oh shoot…! I believe he has a hold on it already, doesn’t he..? Oh you poor thing…!

That’s enough with the stories I believe. It is time to get to the main agenda.

Don’t you want to know why your positive affirmations fail…?


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Stories rephrased and taken from  The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy.

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