Cindered Dreams

STORY SNAPSHOT: Cindered Dreams

The main protagonist of the story is a voice from across time who speaks to the secondary protagonist through a diary. The voice describes a life of terrible betrayals it endured. Leather Diary- Tree of Life

The story of the voice is that of someone who had abdicated the responsibility for its own life. The person drifted into a debilitating and disempowered state and consoled themselves by blaming others. As the story unfolds, the voice narrates a sags of a journey in which it travels from a state of abdication to that of proactive empowerment. Along the way, the voice learns resilience from a woman long dead.

The story demonstrates the inherent impotence of evil. The theme is not new, all of mankind’s mythology is built around the concept of the ultimate victory of GOOD. Just as love stories are an old theme, so is the victory of good over evil. Yet, there are variants to the theme, there are distinctions, there is newness in the incidents.

Tread softly O gentle stranger, 

The cinders of my dreams

are warm and still alive

from the fires that consumed me.

Tread softly I beg…

Cindered Dreams

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