1:1 Book Coaching:

Book Coaching

I have begun writing my book but am stuck. I want someone to keep me on track, be my sounding board and give me feedback until I finish my draft.


One-on-one Book Coaching might be the best fit for you if:

  • You want to write your book but the thought of writing it overwhelms you. You have a well-developed idea for a book. You know the idea is excellent. You have researched and made copious notes but you have no idea how to organize your material and what to do next. 
  • You’ve never written a book before. To give yourself confidence, you have spent hours learning to write one but you are even more confused now. You don’t know if your writing is good enough to engage with readers!
  • You’ve not sure if your writing is good enough to appeal to readers. Even if you do write your book, you’re convinced that a scant two and a half people will read it. You wonder if the book would be worth the effort.
  • You want some to keep you on track. You know you’ll finish writing sooner if you had someone to ‘report’ to, someone to hold you accountable to your writing schedule.
  • You began writing your book a while ago. Everything went well in the beginning but now you seem frozen And have no idea how to thaw yourself out. 

Book Coaching

Instead of the overwhelm, what if…

  1. You have a clear and comprehensive road map to follow so that you don’t have to wonder what to do next.
  2. Get personalized feedback on your writing from someone who understands the reader’s perspective and can guide you accordingly.
  3. You feel confident and inspired when you write and the joy of creation shines through in your work, making it a lot more likely that the readers will connect with it too.
  4. Have a ‘writing mate’ who will keep you accountable and on track to celebrate your writing milestones.
  5. Have someone who will serve as your sounding board, who will brainstorm with you when you come up against something you can’t breakthrough.

Book Coaching

How does Book Coaching work?

  1. Weekly deadlines will keep you focused on your writing practice which will become second nature after a while.
  2. The on-point feedback will have well-defined steps you can follow and watch the snarls in your manuscript dissolve. You’ll get feedback on your writing every week identifying what is working and what needs more work. That means you won’t waste your time or your words writing something that’s riddled with holes.
  3. A personal fitness coach teaches you how to work with your strengths. She is on your team all the way. Her priority is to teach you the skills and techniques to help you reach your fitness goals—and remain on top of them always. Your book coach will be the same.

{Aside: In my experience, the biggest by-product of this engagement is the author discovers their unique voice which represents who they are and what they are about. Trust me, there is no greater joy for a creator than to create from that place of authenticity and congruence.}

  1. You will never need to wonder if your writing is any good. I’ll be there to iron out the wrinkles so you can spend less time fretting about your work and more on saying what you feel compelled to say.

Book Coaching

The Result?

You will have gained the techniques and skills necessary for writing a book. These skills—delighting your readers, evaluating your own work and keeping yourself inspired and on track—will serve you for the rest of your writing life.  

Your Investment:

Your investment will depend on the number of pages you submit each week PLUS the amount of support you need. Please fill out the form below and I’ll get in touch with you to discuss your requirements. I will customize a plan for you and send it across.