Becoming A Monk

I read some stuff yesterday. The kind of things that chivvy you along on The Path… of becoming a monk. There is no connection between the things I read, coming as they do, from diverse sources. Yet, in my mind they have connected. The sum of these connections is a cheerless, vaguely annoying conclusion. It […]

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A Compliment Or Two

I’ve noticed something very perplexing. When I compliment people, they think I am saying nice things just to make them feel good- by massaging their ego. In the first place, if you know me at all, you’d know that I hate- yes hate- the word nice. I don’t do nice. I feel like throwing it […]

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There was a time when I had no concept of opposites. No, that’s not right. There was a time I had no concept of the importance of the opposites to each other. When someone told me that darkness was essential for one to understand light, or that a heart that hasn’t plumbed the depths of […]

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