Do you know the most effective way of interpreting failure Yet? How you deal with life’s defeats will shape your future. It is possible that you have had many references to failure in the past. With each new incident, you have acquired a new leg of reference for your table of failure. As you know, […]

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Why Did You Fail?

Minister for Exams ~ Brian Patten       When I was a child I sat an exam. This test was so simple There was no way i could fail. Q1. Describe the taste of the Moon. It tastes like Creation I wrote, it has the flavour of starlight. Q2. What colour is Love? Love […]

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Scaling the Heights of Failure

Success is sweet. It has turned into an industry by itself. We all love it… we covet it… we pursue it. The farther it seems from us the more frenzied we get… reading it up… devouring it… soaking it in our soul. In that desperation, we forget to savor the failures. Somehow I feel very […]

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