You are an eternal being on earth for a human experience.

The eternal, indestructible you (your soul) is the real you. That is your permanent state. Your human role is temporary and transient. It will come and go again and again. With each iteration (pardon the programming jargon, no other word expresses repetitive cyclic nature as well as this word), your soul creates a customized set of life- experiences you must walk through. It is a unique cross- country challenge keeping in mind your capabilities (and their lack).

It includes every hurdle which you must learn to conquer. Until you learn how to fly over it effortlessly, you will be compelled to go over the same run, over and over. The same kind of (negative) people and events will keep coming into your life until you learn to deal with them effectively- and until they no longer present a challenge to you.

By the time the entire set is completed (and your current life is over), you will have acquired a whole new set of muscles. In your next life, you will not have those challenges to deal with- you’ll be provided with a fresh new set. And on it will go. Thus you evolve, one day, one life, at a time until it is time to get off the merry- go- round.

Your soul doesn’t care what you do for a living – and when your life is over, neither will you. Your soul cares only about what you are being while you are doing whatever you are doing.

~Neale Donald Walsch

There is, therefore, no reason to get all worked up some of the things. Perhaps the things you hanker for the most aren’t on your soul’s agenda; maybe the time hasn’t come yet. It might justifiably annoy you (it did me), but your soul is the boss. When it says come, you come; when it says go, you go. Annoying, yes.

This is why you must respect your journey to your North Star. Your North Star is part of the cross- country challenge your soul has custom- designed for you. If you act like a self- indulgent, petulant child and refuse to walk the path selected for you, your soul will keep creating more and more compelling situations for you until you finally have no choice but to obey the command of your soul. You guessed it; it doesn’t take a NO!

When you set out on your journey to your North Star with this mindset, things become a lot easier. Your inner being is your personal friend- philosopher- mentor- guide. If you learn to listen to what it says, you will have a much easier time than if you keep trying to throw its advice in its teeth and go about reinventing the wheel with an air of discovery. You know how annoying THAT is!

Like the boast of a clueless child.

Your ego’s job is to wipe the mud off your face (when you fall down). You ego’s job is not to deny that it heard the soul.

~Caroline Myss



1. These views are my own. You may not share them, they may sound baloney/ corny/ humbug to you. That’s okay. I am not asking to subscribe to my views but if you do, that’s super!

2. I was jittery about writing this piece, but I promised myself to Step Out this year. If I sound preachy and pompous, please forgive me. I tried to write it in a less intrusive way and it only turned into some awful, wimpish drivel that infuriate me.