Serenely Rapt has always been about words.

Words are the vessels to hold ideas; the lenses you use to zoom in and out of perceptions; the conduits to relay emotions.

The richness of your lived experience depends on the words you know. Insipid words detract from an event just as vivid words deepen and sharpen it. This is because no two words mean precisely the same thing! When you’re happy, you’re in a different state from the one you’re in, when you are elated. Isn’t that amazing?

I’ve always been a glutton for life—the richer, deeper and the more vibrant, the better. How could I not love words?

Words congregate in books. For a fan of words (and language) to be a passionate bibliophile was hardly surprising. I may be too busy to eat; I’m never too busy to read. It is a need as visceral as the need for sustenance. As food is to the body, books are to the mind.

Serenely Rapt began as my online home. This is where I engaged in soliloquies; explored my own mind; measured the depth of my own soul. Since 2010, this space has been a watering hole, a confidant and a sounding board for me. Occasionally, it has been the proverbial ‘horse-marine’ to collect my angst and diffuse it.

As like attracts like, so also lovers of language find this worn hearth of mine. We talk of our mutual passion—words, nuances of language and the excellence of books.

I began editing books because I love them. To be given a chance to work on them, to contribute to their elegance and robustness, is a thing of joy for me. And the rest, as they say, is the stuff of dreams.

Turning into a writing coach was the next inevitable step. You can learn to write amazing short stories, heartwarming fiction, or life-changing non-fiction..

Thank you. I hope you find everything you are looking for!