seriouslyfunny: I was thinking raginionline: That’s encouraging. You also think! seriouslyfunny: Yes Ms smarty two-shoes, I do. Stop teasing me or I won’t tell you what I thought. raginionline: Blackmailer! Alright, tell me! seriouslyfunny: When we meet, it’ll be June-end. Monsoon will have arrived by then. We’ll go for a walk in the rain. raginionline: […]

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A Monsoon Afternoon

The woman stood alone watching the waterfall raptly. She wrapper her arms around her body and shivered delicately. The spray from the waterfall wafted over her in a thin mist, enveloping her intimately. She ran her palms over her arms, rubbing away the goose bumps. A fresh waft and another set of goose bumps began […]

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