Book Review: Pretty Vile Girl by Rickie Khosla

Pretty Vile Girl

Pretty Vile Girl: The protagonist you will hate to love! When you have racy plot and myriad, twisted sub-plots married to a series of brutal murders, committed with ice-cold nerve made all the more chilling by a kind of detached, almost meditative casualness, you get a Pretty Vile Girl! The theme of this novel is revenge- […]

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Daughters and Sons

The hot topic yesterday was India’s Daughter. This post is my two cents. Not on the documentary but on the atmosphere the documentary created. I am sure I don’t need to reiterate my revulsion of the rape and inhuman murder of Nirbhaya. I have a daughter who is barely two years younger to Nirbhaya… and […]

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Turn Around

  Malini was devastated. Her sister Shalini, whom she hero- worshipped, was lying helpless like a rag doll on the hospital bed. If this were not bad enough, Raja too seemed strange. She couldn’t come to terms with how much he had changed after the accident. He barely came to visit Shalini at the hospital. […]

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Vitamin M

The spring in his step proclaimed his elation as loudly as a an announcement shouted from roof-tops. Yes… he shouted mutely to himself, hugging a precious thought close. YES… he exulted, his heart brimming over. Yes was the only word he permitted himself. Yet it was not only a word. It was vindication, his future […]

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