The Gift of Language (Conclusion)

Read the second part at The Gift of Language- II In the hands of a master, the words can be made to convey a lot more than they mean. They can create a mood of poignancy or nostalgia. They can create the exquisite anticipation of the moment before the sun breaks over the horizon and […]

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The Gift of Language- II

Read the first part at The Gift of Language- I To demonstrate the impact of your vocabulary on the intensity of your life- experience, I’d like to share a passage from Anthony Robbin’s Awaken The Giant Within. The passage is very illuminating on how you may lighten up the negative quotient of an event merely […]

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The Gift of Language- I

Imagine your life without the gift of language. Your life experience would be reduced to the most rudimentary, single dimension. A few inarticulate sounds would limit your expressions. You would have to rely entirely on your ability to express through non-verbal means. Believe you me, your style would be severely cramped. After all, there is […]

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