Betrayal (III)

Continued from Betrayal (II)  Chandini kept thinking about Vasudha all day. She was impatient to finish up at work and write another mail to her. Vasudha’s reply to her last mail was fresh in her mind. Chandni had detected the beginning of a all or none panic in her. It seemed she was determined to […]

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Betrayal (II)

Continued from Betrayal (I) Chandini powered up her laptop, murmured a short prayer and began pouring her soul out on the cold glass of her screen. My dear Vasudha, I read your mail. You know my love and regard for you well enough to know what the knowledge of your pain is doing to me. […]

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Betrayal (I)

Chandini logged out of her email account and closed all open windows on her laptop. She stared fixedly at the desktop wallpaper that she must have seen a million times before. It was as if she was seeing it for the first time. There was nothing extraordinary about the picture. It was a landscape showing […]

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