Hi! My name is Dagny and I am a book editor and writing coach!

But this is not how I began my professional life more than three decades ago.

The two words which have dominated my career trajectory are reinvented and self-taught. From systems training in the 1980s to today, I have reinvented myself by acquiring the skills I needed.

I have worn many hats over the years–systems trainer, corporate trainer and leadership coach, writer, editor and writing coach…. and a few more. The one constant through them all has been my love of words and language.

I am an avid reader with a stealthy passion for writing irreverent humour. Serenely Rapt has been the home where my words have found refuge.

As my writing skills improved, I was approached by fellow writers and bloggers for advice. I have shared tips, offered guidance and support to aspiring writers. I have reviewed their work and given feedback that was considered relevant and was well received. It wasn’t long before the title of wordsmith was bestowed upon me by some of the most prolific writers from whom I have learned through sheer osmosis.

I found that I not only love to critique other people’s work, I was also very good at it. I have always had the ability to look beyond what is to find what could be and what should be. Critiquing manuscripts requires dollops of that and I have never run out of inspiration.

Editing books and coaching writers come naturally to me. Without even looking for it, I seem to have found my calling. It may sound cliched, but after many years of wandering, I have found my groove at last.

I enjoy editing and coaching people on how to write better. My work shows my commitment.

I am a certified editor and writing coach. However, I believe your dedication and passion for the work you do does more to give you an edge than any number of documents proclaiming your competence.

I work directly with authors and have a wonderful relationship with them. As proof, you can check out the testimonials they have given me. The fact that they are repeat clients–and are happy to recommend me to others–says it all.

About my three adult kids and two boisterous dogs, what can I say? They are my life.