I affirm that…

Everything is working out for my highest good right at this moment.

Through the power of my thought and words, positive changes are happening in me and in my life now. Share on X

~Remember this always~

~Your body and mind can be broken, but your Spirit is unbreakable, and unchangeable~

When we talk about people or circumstances breaking our spirit, what we mean is that a person has been affected emotionally to the point of feeling broken; however, NOTHING in this world has the capacity to break or change our Spirit!

Our Spirit is what gives us the ability to overcome the misery and suffering experienced by our body and mind.

Our spirit is what drives prisoners of war come out unbroken; our spirit is what drives the victims of rape and abuse to overcome the emotional burdens of their mind.

Believe this! NOTHING can break or change your Spirit, because your spirit is above all things!

~Martin Suarez

Affirmations: Day#4