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Sleeping Giant (I)

Hey there..! Did I startle you..? I am sorry, I guess I must have. I am not sorry I came knocking though. I needed to

A Survivor’s Manual

Wounds that drip blood are colorful. Their bloodless counterparts, though more painful, are boring. They have no drama value. I am talking of the wounds

Fenced in

Fences are for protection. They help you hold precious things in a safe enclosure. There is a lot to be said about fences. They help

Getting Out of The Box

Out-of-box Thinking is a familiar phrase when we talk of problem-solving nowadays. We know of it… that’s all. Knowing how to drive a car is

Learn to Stand Aside

The dust has settled down and it is time to take stock and count the casualties. Valentine Day has just gone by. This day was supposed

Backup Plans

My eldest one came, pulled up a chair and flopped down on it. She had just returned from her painting class. I knew something was

The Sweet Taste of Money

Money is word which can upset our breathing pattern. We react with intense emotion in money related issues. From the time we were kids, money


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