The Driver- Part II

… Continued from The Driver – Part I… With a start Amrit stood up to leave. He could have sworn he felt a hand on

The Driver- Part I

Amrit moodily threw pebbles, trying to make them skim and bounce on the surface of the gurgling river. He had been sitting there for over

The Spirit of Mumbai

Just as the spirit of a person is the essence of that person, so too is the spirit of a city. When we understand the

Lieutenant Prakash

In February of 2006, I was asked to conduct a week long seminar for Physics Post-Graduate students of my old college. It was the students who had

Backup Plans

My eldest one came, pulled up a chair and flopped down on it. She had just returned from her painting class. I knew something was

Five Hours With a Stranger

The day was 25th July 2008. The place was Colaba, Mumbai. It had been raining heavily for 3 days. I was staying with a cousin

Icarus and I

Let me tell you the story of Icarus. Icarus is a character from the Greek mythology. He is the son of Daedalus. Who he was

The Sweet Taste of Money

Money is word which can upset our breathing pattern. We react with intense emotion in money related issues. From the time we were kids, money

The World of Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand’s masterpiece ATLAS SHRUGGED has completed 50 years of its existence. I thought this was a good time to pay homage to that visionary


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