He shut the door of the car with a muted bang. It was a luminously dark stretch of road. He had a raging hangover and looked like the living dead. For the past endless hour he had been suffering the pangs of sweet sorrow. He was clearly confused by the minor crisis that had hit him between the eyes. As a result he was in a pretty ugly mood. He had stalked out of his office with the silent scream of despair creating a din in his ears. He looked around with a benign malevolence… the place looked strangely familiar. He remembered having seen this depressingly salvaged dereliction before.The vista without matched his inner world with flawless perfection.

He was absolutely unsure how many times in the past year had he told that delightfully exasperating girl of his that he wanted them to be alone together. But would she listen…? No, no… she would not. Every time he randomly planned something, she would be found missing. It was beginning to irk him now. There had been too many near misses for him to ignore. Every time this happened he would confront her and have her piercingly shallow evasions thrown at his head. The only constant variable between them now was that she thought him comically serious- and told him with that with outspoken courtesy. The thought filled him with a ecstatic despair.

Oxymorons 1

If only he could stop thinking about that hell’s angel. He had even gone so far as to actually re-enact her evasive replies to his questions. Far from curing him, those sessions had turned into heart-breakingly sweet tragic comedies.

His only choice was seek the unbiased opinion of a mature man (he he). He was sure an amateur expert would tell him how to reignite her apathetic interest. And if that is not possible, he would at least tell him how to get out of being buried alive.

Hanging on to that shred of despondent happiness, he headed back to town.




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