The Traveler’s Gift- Introduction

Yesterday I began to read The Traveler’s Gift by ANDY ANDREWS.

I’ve had the book for over two months. It was sent to me by The One who sends me books. 🙂 I don’t know why I didn’t read it all this while. I just know that I didn’t. Yesterday, I saw it sitting on my book shelf and I began to read it. Just like that.

It seems a very appropriate time to have begun reading it. New Year is a few days away. New Year… its associated promises to self for a renewal… for ensuring that there is a change… a better way… a better life… is just a deep breath away. This… is the right time to read this book. Guardian angels know their jobs don’t they…? 😀

First, a word about the Author.

Andy Andrews began his career as a comedian. I distinctly remember having heard one of his acts. I am afraid I don’t remember all of it, but there are two quips I do remember. The first was a question:

When we pick something off our body- like from our nose of instance- why is it that we can never throw it without looking at it first…?

(Ok… I am not saying I didn’t wrinkle my nose at that, am I…? )

The second was:

If someone had asked King Solomon why he had so many wives (700 wives and 300 concubines. Yeah… my jaw dropped open there too), what would he have said…? He’d probably have said, “Well, I was just trying to make sure that at least ONE of them will be in the mood on each of the 365 nights of the year…! 😀

Over the years though, Andy has changed tracks somewhat. He is now an Inspirational Author and Speaker. All his ideas about the various paths people take in their journey towards success can be summarized in the statement:


Every minute of every day, the individual choices you make have dramatic consequences for the rest of your life., and may even shape the lives  of generations to come.


This seems a rather expansive statement. Most of us would categorically deny the sweeping generalization of this assertion. What it brutally says is that you planted yourself into the hole you are in today- mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally an financially. I don’t know about you, but I was not pleased. “Hey..!” I said to myself in annoyance. “Wait a cotton pickin’ minute here…!!”

I refused to agree with that assertion, I know you will not either.

That’s where this books comes in.

The Traveler’s Gift is a book that takes you along on one man’s journey of a lifetime. It is a journey each of us is on… no matter what state or stage of life we are at. Barely  three chapters into the book, I had to agree with the sweeping generalization of the statement above- much to my chagrin, let me assure you.

The protagonist, David Ponder has lost his job though no fault of his own. In an inevitable sequence of events, he finds himself under more and more pressure, ultimately losing his will to live. That is when he is supernaturally selected to travel through time. He visits seven historical figures such as Harry Truman, Abraham Lincoln, King Solomon, and Anne Frank. Each visit yields a Decision for Success that will impact the entire world. Then, a visit to the future reveals the result of David’s journey, the fruits of his labor.

By the time this year passes into history, I will try to write about the Seven Decisions that are the Traveler’s Gift to all of us. You are welcome to fast forward the process and delve into Andy’s website and find out what the Seven Decisions are. Or you can travel the road with me… mulling over the amazing wisdom Andy shares with us.

One request before you go. When you begin reading the each of the decisions, share your thought. You see, each of us has a different take on an idea. When different points of view collect in one place, and there is a discussion, that is when changes happen. Moreover, I have a selfish motive. I want YOU to add to the value of this write-up by sharing the ideas and insights this will trigger in you.

More, much more coming up… be here…! 😀

The Traveler’s Gift- Introduction

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10 thoughts on “The Traveler’s Gift- Introduction”

  1. the choices we make certainly have dramatic consequences; don’t we know it?
    luvly introduciton; can you believe it? i was at ‘reliance time out’ today buying more books (what else ); i did see this book, but didn’t pick it up! now i know why! we learn by conduction, don’t we baby? giggles

    1. Ritu…

      Why do you think I am writing this series…? I know clever people like you will not read the book. Since I HAVE read the book and have no one to blame anymore, I decided to throw the stuff at you guys hoping to knock your peace of mind out as well. I mean, why should I suffer alone…? 😀


  2. It is true. Yes the choices we make etches the life path we take, but there is twist.
    When we take a decision, we may not be mature/experienced enough to know it’s implications. What I thought 18years of age may not hold true now. My life teaches me a lot about people and situations and therefore what I decide today may be very different from what I decided 2 decades before.

    1. Dear Madhvi,

      What you say is true, but still, I would rather take a wrong decision- because I cannot think far enough to know all the implications- than to be arrested in a limbo where I prevent myself from moving an inch. For want of the best decision, are we to take none at all…? Is that how we will learn life…? Or, worse still, shall we allow another person to take decisions for us suspending all responsibility..? Is that how we will learn life…?

      I agree with neither concept. I might have limited knowledge of life and the ramifications of my decisions and choices. I must rely on that limited knowledge and choose (even if it turns out wrong later) instead of abdicating a choice entirely, or looking to someone else to make it for me.

      Sitting on the sidelines watching someone else play doesn’t really give you the experience of playing.

      And play we must… sooner or later. So why not sooner…? 😀

      I am VERY pleased to see you here. More pleased than words can tell. Thank you. 🙂


  3. Hi Dagny,

    Got time to read after a long and am happy I picked on the first link. I will pick one for myself to..


    1. Hi Raj…

      Wish you a contented 2011… 🙂

      Glad to see you here after a long time. You can read the book… or this series of blogs. I have tried to capture the essence of the book in it.

      Happy reading… 😀

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