Sound Impact



This first thing I thought of when I saw this video was:

What patterns would the sound OM make?

136.1 Hertz or 136.1 Hz is the standard frequency of OM.  It is the frequency used to tune the instruments for Indian temple music. It is called Sadja, or Sa, the base tone of the Sitar and Tambura. The Om Tone is said to stimulate the Anahata (heart chakra) and hence is widely believed to be good for meditation.

Unfortunately, this video begins with 345 Hz. 136.1 Hz is not represented at all.

The second thing that occurred to me was:

If this is how inanimate matter is affected by sound, what happens inside a human being? How do low tones affect her? Which high tones impact him? What happens when a certain frequency of tones- high or low- are all a child hears in her formative years? Will they affect her outlook in life? Will they be instrumental in structuring her inner world?

The third thing I thought of was:

Do certain words, frequently spoken, create permanent patterns in the inner world of another person as well as that of the speaker? If you tell someone frequently that you love them, will it create a permanent template in the consciousness of the person to whom you say it? Depending on how long- and frequently- you’ve said it, will that etching become deeper and deeper ingrained? Is it possible that they are never able to erase that etching from their consciousness- even when you no longer say it to them because you are not in contact with them anymore? Does this mean that the words you have oft repeated will become a permanent part of another person’s emotional and mental map, as much as they are yours?

What did you think after you saw this video?

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8 thoughts on “Sound Impact”

  1. Do you realize that the patterns are very much like mandala patterns? A very interesting experiment indeed. Left me with a lot to think

    1. I’ll google mandala patterns right now. 😀 Tell me what you thought after you are done thinking… ok?

      1. It brings me to think that everything, everyone of us in this world – animate and inanimate are interconnected. A pretty heavy thought, a huge realization. We’re all energy beings.

        1. We are Ritu. I found the concept of the movie Avataar more than intriguing. I don’t see why it couldn’t be so for earth too. Perhaps we’ve just not been aware enough to realize it.

  2. I have a problem with the hammering beats of the DJ that the students bring for their annual day. I feel sick and dizzy. There is something that happened to me once. A particular lady who I had helped land a project funding with her as the principal investigator and I as a mere mentor (mere, because mentor gets no credit; he is just an umbrella for the jobless lady) got into her brain to double cross me and take the project to another institution which would have entailed blacklisting of my institution for ever. She went around her business with such consummate stealth that only towards the end of her entire plan did I get wise to it. Those were very bleak and black days and each morning for over a week I used to travel to my office in a haze, totally down. And then one day, while I was driving, this song started playing on the radio – teri pyaari pyaari soorat ko kisiki nazar na lage, chashmebaddoor. Now I have no particular liking for this song and the words had nothing to do with the situation I was in. However, the effect it had, for all its unconnectedness, was tremendous. In a jiffy gone was the blue funk, gone was the depression/sadness/despondency and they all went without leaving any trace whatsoever. I smiled from ear to ear. It was almost as if I had been newly minted and had no knowledge or impression of whatever had happened in the back days. I went to the department with a spring in my feet and an infectious smile on my lips and confidence bubbling so in my heart that it spilled all around. All around me bubbled and the atmosphere just changed and we rededicated ourselves to seeing what we could do to save the lost situation and believe me, we found enough to completely overturn the situation and where we were close to be blacklisted, it ended up with the woman blacklisted and our place escaping without a blemish. I still cannot explain what was there in that song or the music of that song – because the words in it are nothing, they are just frivolous.

    As for what we say repeatedly having an effect on others, I do know that each repetition has an effect on us whether it has on the other party or not. So watch what you are repeating. Be extremely careful about that.

    Liked your post.

    1. You must see if that song works on you every time you are blue Avinash. In which case, you’ll have stumbled upon a permanent ‘pick- me- up’. Like taking a pill. Goli ander dum bahar- as my dad would say. 😀

      I like that you read. 🙂 Thank you…

  3. That was fascinating! I quite amazed by the patterns generated at 3975, 4444 and 5201 hz.

    There is this Hindi story I read in my school days, I am forgetting the name of the author. It is called Aham Brahmasmi. Do read it -there may be an answer there.

    1. Somehow I was sure you would like this Umashanker. If you hadn’t come to read it, I’d have hounded you until you did. 😀

      I’ll find the story and read it. Lets see what It says. Thank you for this tip. 🙂

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