Spin Me A Tale Series:

Incorporate the prompt text below into your short story. The story can be as long or short as you like. Once you have written it, please post the link to your story in the comments below. We would love to read it. If you ask us to, we will give you feedback and pointers on how to polish it and make it even better.

Short Story Prompt #4:

She went to her room after a long day of correcting exam papers. Teaching biology to eighth graders was not an easy task, to say the least. In her room, was a small passage that led to a closet. Mrs D’Silva switched on the lights, went to the closet and unlocked it with an old key that hung around her neck. The key was so ornately designed it looked like a fashion accessory. As she opened the closet, her eyes widened with panic.

She had been robbed!


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