Young Eyes

You know how bright the eyes of youth shine, don’t you..? Do you remember how you were when you were 18-20 years old..? Remember how you simply KNEW that the world was waiting for you to come and win it… to win it, put it in your pocket and walk casually away, whistling your song […]

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My Phrase for 2012

The last post was a kind of advance warning… though NOT in a predictable way.. which would be hopelessly boring. 🙂 Of all the neat things that Mark Twain has said, I find this the neatest: Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the […]

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Inspired Living

The phone was ringing and I was in an agony of impatience for him to pick it up. This was typical of me of course, I want everything yesterday. “Hellloooo”, Kakka’s (Father’s brother- Uncle) hoarse voice exploded in my ear. With a start I held the cell away from my ear. “Kakka…?” I asked irrelevantly. […]

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