You meet people randomly on the net.

You read people; some you connect with, some not. You find some sensible while others make you wonder if they were dropped carelessly on their head when they were babies. And some, frankly, make your toes curl up in rank distaste for the aroma of moist, rancid rot clings lovingly to their words. You scoot from such people and promptly dump them in your ‘Restricted List’ on Facebook.

With Rachna, who blogs at Rachna Says, I have one of those Me Too- Me Too bonds. When I read her, I nod my head nineteen to a dozen and keep saying Me Too with varying degrees of emphasis. Sometimes the Me Too is soft and misty- eyed at others it comes with bolts of lightening issuing from the eyes, balls of fire from both nostrils and the lower lip gets more than its yearly quota of chewing. But the Me Too never stop flowing from a place that is amazingly connected to the woman I know as Rachna Shrivastav Parmar.

Her thought process and value- system resonates with me. We are outraged alike and go all mushy in tandem. I find her to be delightfully opinionated. To tell you the truth, I feel a tad shy, praising her. It sounds too much like I’m praising myself.  When I tell you that I reblogged the very first post I read from her, I’ll have said it all.

This lady, with whom I am ridiculously pleased to find heart- warming resonance often enough for it to be the norm, asked me to write a guest post for her blog. Only my dignity prevents me from telling you that I jumped like an excited kangaroo who is all eager to please. I am certain that you are astute enough to gather my intent even without me dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s for you.

Without much ado then, let me step aside and beg you to waltz over to her blog where she has said some rather nice things about me. Imagine!

Picture Credit: Google Images
Picture Credit: Google Images