More Unfairy Tales (Carthick's Unfairy Tales Book 2)More Unfairy Tales by T.F. Carthick

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I loved the first volume of the retold fairy tales–Carthick’s Unfairy Tales. I loved it so much that reading this second volume was a given.

I’m delighted to find that Carthick has written another winner, every bit as engaging as the first book. I loved his unique take on all the timeless classics but I particularly loved the retelling of Snowhite and the seven dwarfs. The observations of the dwarfs are insightful and pithy. One must nod one’s head–ruefully–for those observations are bang on.

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I also loved Shoes and Man–the story about The Elves and the Shoemaker. Not only is it an accurate commentary on the greed and avarice of men, but also teaches us how meddling in someone else’s life–as the elves did–can create problems for them, no matter how kindly your intentions!

Reading these stories teaches another valuable lesson–one humanity needs to learn desperately. The lesson is:

There is not just one narrative, one perspective to a story. Just as your point of view looks valid to you, the other person’s point of view is as valid to them.

Have you not heard people exclaim–How can he not see it? Well, he can see it because his own priorities, his own world-view have coloured his glasses. The white ball looks blue to him, just as the same white ball looks red to you! If you think the red tint is valid, well so is the blue one.

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What I also liked about this retelling is that Carthick has ensured that his lead characters are not passive ninnies but men and women of gumption and courage. They don’t helplessly let events take them where they will. They stand on their two feet and take responsibility for their lives.

Children definitely need to learn that–and so do many adults. In fact, I wonder if the Unfairy Tales were not written primarily for the adults who’ve grown up steeped in the wimpy version.

The author’s imagination and vision are extraordinary. It isn’t easy to see a story through the eyes of another character.

Kudos to Carthick for doing it, and doing it so well.

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