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Doing For The Love of Doing

Undeveloped men are highly motivated to act by their matter-inclined impulses and longing for name, fame, prosperity, and sensory happiness. The wise, on the other


The name Drona comes from the Sanskrit root dru “to melt”. Therefore, Drona implies “that which remains in a melted state”. A thought or physical

Futurist- II

Change is the first word in the vocabulary of Future Shock. We don’t mind change, in fact, we like it. When life turns boring and

Futuristic- I

Alvin Toffler is described as a Futurist. He is a man who studies societal behavior and identifies the cause of the behaviors. Of these, change

The Traveler’s Gift- Decision Seven

Continued from: The Traveler’s Gift- Decision Six The Persistent Decision I Will Persist Without Exception. Knowing that I have already made changes in my life

The Traveler’s Gift- Decision Six

Continued from: The Traveler’s Gift- Decision Five The Compassionate Decision I Will Greet This Day With a Forgiving Spirit. For too its long, every ounce

The Traveler’s Gift- Decision Four

 Continued from: The Traveler’s Gift- Decision Three The Certain Decision I Have a Decided Heart. A wise man once said,”A journey of a thousand miles


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