Definitions of Affirmation are annoyingly vague.

It peeves me when a word is defined by using the same word in another form, tense or voice. As in Affirmation: The act  or process of affirming.

That’s a #facepalm moment for me.

Of course, you and I know what Affirmations mean. But have we given a thought to their exact nuance? Since I have a horror of assumptions, I would prefer dotting all the I’s and crossing all the possible T’s before I get into the thick of things. Rather school-marm-ish of me, I know.

To Affirm is to agree with and accept, the truth of a statement. Click To Tweet

It is to say an unambiguous YES to a statement, knowing it to be an irrevocable fact. When you Affirm, you do so because you are convinced that the statement you made is true and a real physical fact.

Hence, when you affirm, “I am walking confidently across the stage to receive my doctorate in psychology”, you believe unequivocally that your name has already been announced and you are actually walking across the stage to receive your doctorate. You visualize it so vividly that you can feel the butterflies in your stomach, the slight bumps in the carpet laid out on the stage and the brilliant arc-lights at the bottom of the stage. Every atom of your being can feel the exhilaration of having achieved your most precious dream-goal.

With that definition, the word Affirmation takes on a more earnest connotation. When you use an Affirmative statement to transform and expand your reality, you bring a powerful alchemy into play.

The words of the Affirmation don’t give it the power to transform. Affirmations derive their power from the emotions evoked in you by the (thought) of seeing your dream turned into reality. Human imagination is capable of creating vivid images in the mind’s eyes even when nothing exist in physical reality.

When a human eye can see  a vision as reality, the universe must shift gears and create pathways for the vision to come true. When the same Affirmation is repeated with strong emotion and absolute certainty in the conscious mind, the subconscious mind must realign itself and clear all inner debris so that the statement comes true in reality.

When you first start chanting or repeating your positive affirmations, they don’t make much sense. You don’t feel great about them because they strongly oppose your current reality. That’s the point. The affirmations should oppose your current reality. That’s how change happens. Everyone feels strange about using affirmations to begin with. But if you stick to the program, the power of positive affirmations will take effect.

~Gudjon Bergmann

A few years ago, this process of creating a positive focus using compelling words was referred to as the process of auto-suggestion. It was believed that when you repeat a statement with enthusiasm and energy, it soon turns into reality. Though the process was recommended on the basis of observable results, very little was actually understood about the reasons for its effectiveness.

The same process- with a few cosmetic changes- is now referred to as the practice of Daily Affirmations.

Changing your words, changes your mind. Changing your mind alters your energy and that is what changes your life.

~ Jodi Livon

Not only has the process acquired a new name, there are also some changes in the way these statements are constructed. You can find detailed guidelines for creating powerful affirmations here.

The guidelines strongly recommend that you create your own Affirmations. Sometimes though, it helps a lot if you can get started with a bunch of ready-to-use Affirmations until you get around to writing your own custom ones. With that thought in mind, I’ll be posting a series of Affirmations here. You are welcome to use them for yourself, share them with those you feel need it the most or let them inspire you to create your own.

These Affirmations would be in the form of a desktop wallpaper with the text affixed to a beautiful photo from my own collection. If you like it, you can ask me to send you a high resolution image to use as a desktop wallpaper. I’d be tickled pink to mail it to you. And no, I shan’t spam you. No way.

How would a practice of Daily Affirmations help you?

Daily Affirmations