Fragile Life

A year ago, I didn’t know there was a lady blogger called Janaki Nagraj who spun poems and wrote about things that made an impact on her; was a fitness enthusiast and a hands- on mom.

Janaki is gem collector. She trawls the internet and selects priceless gems from it- be they thought provoking insights, blood- boiling articles or rib- tickling funnies. Her blogs Memoirs of a Homemaker and Vithika are a collection of things that have caught her fancy.

There is an endearing gentleness to this lady that I find intriguing. I know the resilience of the steel that lies in quiet repose beneath the seemingly placid exterior. Someday, I hope to meet her in person. If I could also see her angry once, like really livid (with that ire directed at someone else, thank you), it would help me tick off another item on my bucket list. No, I’m not being funny. I’d really like to know how a sweetheart of a woman gets mad enough to chew someone out. I think it would be interesting (and instructive) to watch, don’t you?

For all I know, Janaki is probably reading this and her lovely, mesmerizing eyes are shooting balls of fire my way right at this moment.

When such a lady asks you to write a guest post for her blog AND gives you the freedom to choose what you wish to write, there is only one thing you can possibly do. You jump over the moon in one enormous lope and head earthward to power up your blessed laptop with a silly smile plastered full blast on your face. You type and chew your lip… and type and tear your hair out a bit… until the thing is done. When you can’t postpone it anymore, you chew your nails a LOT and send it off to her waiting for the bolts of lightening to incinerate you to fluffy ash.

Enough of that already. I think it’s time you read what I wrote for her, here: Inspirations- Fragile Life

Thank you for this Janaki.

Picture Credit: Google Images
Picture Credit: Google Images

14 thoughts on “Fragile Life”

  1. I echo what ever u wrote abt Janaki ! Its dangerous to see such ppl in anger so I wish her to remain same 🙂
    now off to read the guest post

    1. Oh but Afshan, I don’t mind her spewing fire! She has such a kind heart that her fire breathing wont last long. 😀

      So pleased to see you here. 🙂

  2. A simple act that I’m sure by now would have killed enough and more people. Carelessness. People think they are smart enough and can avoid an accident, without realizing that it’s just a matter of a few minutes, which can make or break their future. I would like to add about those who do not use the seat belt. I have my Dad with me today after 11 years only because he was wearing a seat belt that day. His car had had a head on collision with a DTC bus, but he escaped with just 2 days out of his memory and a few broken ribs which ache till date. Beautiful message it is. Life is fragile. Handle it carefully and responsibly.

    1. Rekha, you nailed it. Carelessness, over- confidence and a large helping of a kind of arrogance which makes one believe in one’s (false) infallibility. Seat belts and helmets are protective devices that one must always use. In the days when I used a two wheeler, I never went without my full face helmet. In my city I was considered a freak, but I used my helmet all the time anyhow. I don’t know why people take a risk with their lives- and the lives of others.

      Thank you for coming by 🙂

  3. I just loved your introduction of Janaki. She is among the warmest and sweetest people that I have met. She will brighten up a place with her genuine warmth, loving smile and a real concern for you. Very beautiful as well, but it is her inner beauty that gives her the endearing radiance that we all love. And even when she is upset, she is dignified in her actions and words. Truly <3 her!

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more Rachna. I have a feeling she is a staunch friend too. I like making friends with tigresses. Life is so much fun then. 🙂

      Aapke mere khayaal kitne milte julte hain!

  4. And with God’s grace I know this wonder woman. Her eyes as you have mentioned are most distinct and pretty feature on her face. Also Dagny reading all the nice words you have written for her, speaks so much about the friendship, us bloggers form over written words and virtual conversations. Kudos to that too 🙂


    1. Richa, Don’t you just love the way we bloggers connect from every country on earth? The world has truly become a village.

      So happy to see you here. Thanks for coming by 🙂

      1. I recently read Susan’s post on a blogger who had died. I didn’t know that blogger, but I felt for the words that were written. Sometimes this friendship that we have developed over words dwarfs me. Seriously, blogging is so much more than what people believe it to be 🙂 and yes happy to be here 🙂 you will see me a lot more now 🙂

        1. I too am amazed at this mysterious alchemy that turns words on a cold glass screen- written by a stranger somewhere across the world- turn into tears in my eyes. I don’t know how it happens, I only know that it does. I feel closer to some bloggers than to those I have known for years in the flesh. These typed words create vibrant worlds of their own within me. They complete me in a way that never happened before.

          I hope I will see you here lots. You sound like the person I would hate to miss out on. How did you do it? 🙂

          1. I am hard to miss though perhaps it was more to do with distance makes the heart go fonder analogy 😀 Well well now I am here to stay 🙂

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