Haiku Season


Patterns in the clouds

Like palm imprints on smooth dough

Recorded destiny…

Narbada River

Warble of the brook

Resonates within the soul

God’s quiet tuning fork


Birds making melody

Passionate life surging anew

Joyous dawn, welcome…!


Vibrant evening hush,

Wafting wood smoke aromatic

Oh blessed home fires…!


Note: Pictures mine

Haiku Season

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4 thoughts on “Haiku Season”

    1. Thanks a lot Hass…. glad you liked the pics…:)

      My family is fine… I hope you and your family are good. 😀

      Thanks for the visit…


  1. Dagny, my comment in poetical form 😉 no lol’ing pls!

    watching the changes
    happen around me
    from dawn to dusk
    feeling within
    the absence of noise.
    so serene
    so melodious 😉
    hold my hand
    help me to write
    a better poem. 😀

    lovely both your poetry and the pictures!

    1. Bharathi,

      I have to thank Dr Madhvi for this set of Haikus. It was she who insisted that I write a set. I was sure I wouldn’t be able to- at all. I ended up surprising myself. 🙂

      You are writing well without anyone’s help. Just keep writing… let the thoughts pour out of you. You can tweak the poem once you’ve got the thought down. One thing I know for sure. If a poetry challenged nut like me can write poems… anyone can. So go ahead…

      Love and hugs…

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