Joe_1964: are you there?

Annieloveme: yes.. good evening

Joe_1964: good evening

I got your message… you wanted to talk..?

Annieloveme: Yes…

chatting 3

Joe_1964: what happened?

Annieloveme: something has to happen before you’ll talk to me…?

Joe_1964: come on baby, I didn’t mean it that way…!

Annieloveme: I don’t know anything nowadays… you’re like a stranger to me

Joe_1964: I am not a stranger darling… why are you talking like this today?

has Abhi been throwing tantrums again?

Annieloveme: no more than usual… teenagers are getting tough to manage nowadays

Joe_1964: yes… if not Abhi then what..?

Annieloveme: you

Joe_1964: me..?! What have I done..?

Annieloveme: because you have TOTALLY screwed up my life

Joe_1964: Oh God…! Are you going to start again…?

Annieloveme: are you going to pretend again that you don’t know what I am saying and why?

Joe_1964: Why do you use such words..?

Annieloveme: for the past 3 months, how many times have we met Vishal?

Joe_1964: you know I’ve been busy

Annieloveme: I wish you had told me right in the beginning that when you are busy I will have to switch me life off

Joe_1964: you are being unreasonable… and you know it

Annieloveme: no vishu… i know nothing like that

I only know that after 4years of being together…

you are suddenly too busy even to lift a phone and call

I am fed up with waiting for you

Joe_1964: what do you want me to do?

Annieloveme: You know what I want you to do… I have asked you for it for months now… I want us to get married

Joe_1964: Pl Suni… don’t lets start this again…

you know I cannot do that I told you right in the beginning

Annieloveme: but why NOT?

Joe_1964: I will not deny my children a happy and stable childhood that my brother and I always yearned for

Anita and I may not see eye to eye on many things but I cannot deny that she is a wonderful mother

you agreed with me then, what’s the matter now?

Annieloveme: people change Vishu

I agreed with you then I thought I’ll be able to deal with it but I can’t

I want us to get married

Joe_1964: baby this is something I cannot give you

Annieloveme: but I want it… I must have it

Joe_1964: I just cannot

Annieloveme: is this the reason you’ve been avoiding me for the past 3 months? Ohh…! I get it now…

Joe_1964: you’ve always been good at putting 2 and 2 together 🙂

Annieloveme: your humor won’t work this time Vishu

I want marriage… period

Joe_1964: I cannot marry you… period

Annieloveme: I’m in an ugly mood today Vishu

please don’t force me to make this unpleasant

Joe_1964: unpleasant…? YOU are going to make this unpleasant..? how..?

Annieloveme: never mind how… and I don’t want to do it

i would rather you agreed voluntarily

Joe_1964: are you threatening me Suni..?!

Annieloveme: just trying to make you see reason

Joe_1964: ohhh is that what you call it…?!

pray tell me how you plan on doing that…!

Annieloveme: why are you making me say all these things…?

I just want us to get married- happily

Joe_1964: and I’ve told you I will not do it

Annieloveme: you want to leave me with no choice but to be unpleasant

Joe_1964: so be it then

Annieloveme: are we getting married or not?

Joe_1964: no no and NO

Annieloveme: fine then. Here is what I will do. I have the email IDs of all your office colleagues and of your kids friends and some teachers

Anita knows about us already so that’s no use

Joe_1964: from where did you get the IDs..!??

Annieloveme: I’ve been collecting them for the past one year

picking them off all the mails you forwards to them and me

did you never notice that I questioned you about everyone of your contacts over the years..?

Joe_1964: my god..! I never realized it..!

you’re so cold-blooded and calculative…!

Annieloveme: I am patient yes… that’s why I’m asking you nicely once again- pl lets get married

Joe_1964: now that I am getting to see your true colors after 4 years… I’ll see myself damned first

Annieloveme: that was an uncannily accurate statement Vishu, I might just grant your wish

Joe_1964: do whatever you will… what a bitch you are..!

I am ashamed I loved you… until a few minutes ago…

Annieloveme: calling me names won’t help Vishu

I called you plenty in the past 4 years

but you went on flourishing like a green bay tree

then I read somewhere- Don’t get mad, get even

so here I am 😀

Joe_1964: what do you have to even up for?

Annieloveme: lets just say it is a whim of mine…

Joe_1964: what will you do?

Annieloveme: I thought I’ll forward them some of your cute pictures which you mailed me with appropriate descriptive passages

they might find them interesting don’t you think?

in fact I just forward them your original mail

then they’ll know it was you… and no mistake… what say you…?

Joe_1964: what else…?

Annieloveme: you remember I asked you to buy me a new cell which has a recording feature?

I’ve recorded some of our more… um… romantic conversations

I think I’ll send them along too

they’ll make a nice accompaniment to the pics I am sure, don’t you agree…?

Joe_1964: do you know I can sue you for this..?

Annieloveme: Oh I know you wouldn’t…!

you’ll be too embarrassed

Joe_1964: and you think after all this… I’ll marry you…?

what a stupid woman you are…!

Annieloveme: I am not stupid

I know people have an immense capacity for self-delusion

you will do your best to pretend this conversation never happened and we’ll live happily ever after

Joe_1964: you are stark staring MAD Suni…!

a repulsive thing like this can never be wished out of existence

I will never ever forget it

Annieloveme: as long as you marry me

I don’t care what you do remember

Joe_1964: but what will you gain by an empty marriage like that? I’ll always hate you..!!

Annieloveme: you’ll hate me… for some time

then you will bow to the inevitable

you’ll THEN remember only that I loved you to an extent that I was willing to do anything to get you

no man can resist being that irresistible to a woman

Joe_1964: you are very clever, aren’t you..?

Annieloveme: thank you for the compliment Vishu

you’re not so bad yourself 😀

see how well you’ve accepted the inevitable..!

Joe_1964: who said I’ve accepted anything?

Annieloveme: what else are you saying?

you’re talking of your feelings for me after we get married

that means you have agreed for us to marry, doesn’t it?

Joe_1964: Oh that…! Yes… so it seems…

Annieloveme: I knew it…!!!!

Oh Vishu…! We’ll be so happy together darling

I’m getting goose bumps just thinking of waking up in the morning and finding you there next to me

Joe_1964: I have just one thing to say about that rosy picture

Annieloveme: Oh..? Getting naughty thoughts already..? 😀

Joe_1964: no… the thing is… we’re not getting married

you send people whatever you want to send

Annieloveme: do you realize what you are saying… you want me to send all those things to your kid’s classmates and teachers..?

can you imagine the embarrassment it will cause them and you..?

Joe_1964: I am well aware of the embarrassment

to them, to Anita and to me but we’ll deal with it

anything is better than being tied to a sick woman like you

Annieloveme: think it through Vishu… you don’t know what you are saying

Joe_1964: I am not saying it wont matter to me… of course it will

but it is still the lesser of the two evils

Annieloveme: you’ll never live down the embarrassment..!

Joe_1964: you are fond of that word, aren’t you..?

Annieloveme: which word..?


has it occurred to you.. you who are so clever and far-sighted…

what’ll happen to your cute little blackmail attempt if I was the kind of guy who couldn’t be embarrassed..?

Annieloveme: what nonsense..! That is not possible

everyone is afraid of losing the respect of others and values their social image and standing

Joe_1964: and so do I… but not at this cost

Annieloveme: I am sure you think I am bluffing and will not do what I said I will

Joe_1964: I may be a fool Suni, but I am not delusional… I know well you will do what you say

Annieloveme: then how can you bear to take the risk..?

Joe_1964: I am not obliged to answer any of your question Suni

but I will… to teach you an important lesson

Annieloveme: fiddlesticks..!

Joe_1964: listen carefully Suni… this is a free lesson… learn from it

Annieloveme: I will listen because I am curious

Joe_1964: Good… listen and don’t interrupt…

I have told you about my father and his violent temper

he used to beat us all- mom, Akash and I

I have told you many times that he beat us in public for he was a man with an ungovernable temper

one he slapped me for something very small- and we were standing in my college… my classmates all around us

I was unbearably mortified that day and wanted to kill myself

I decided to slit my wrists that night after everyone had gone to sleep

I had romantic visions of them finding my dead body in the morning and my father going mad with guilt and regret

I was almost happy thinking of his misery

but after everyone went to sleep Akash came to my room

he looked so small and frightened… he was barely 15 that year

he sat down quietly and began to sob

he too had been beaten by dad that day- in front of the neighbors and was inconsolable

it was uncanny- but both of us were feeling exactly the same

brokenly, he talked of killing himself

I was planning to do that myself, but I was horrified to hear him say it

I just couldn’t bear it

I talked to him for the rest of the night

I tried to tell him that though social image is important and we all like to have the good opinion of our friends

yet that good opinion is an inadequate tool to measure our true stature

I told him that our true stature is what’s WE feel is our stature- irrespective of the opinion of our fellows

it took me long to convince him

but at last he agreed with me

in the process of course, I convinced myself and learned an important lesson too

I don’t know where I found the thought or the words

but both of lived through the night having learned a vital life skill

to this day, neither Akash nor I have forgotten the lesson

and so when I say- I cannot be embarrassed… I mean what I say

for a few weeks people will point to me… snigger and make lewd jokes

I am sorry my kids will have to bear it

but this is a great opportunity for them also to learn what Akash and I learned that memorable night

I am sure this lesson will stand them too in good stead in the years to come

so my poisonous little snake… go ahead and do what you will

I can only thank you for the opportunity you’ve given my children to grow into strong individuals- AND for opening my eyes to your true character

Anita always told me this is what you were like

but I only thought she said it because she was jealous of you

I am more than glad she was right all along

I and my family will become impossible to embarrass

try your best, I don’t give a damn about you or your threats

Annieloveme: I don’t believe a word of what you say

Joe_1964: the trouble is, you believe me too well… I guess you aren’t as clever as you thought, are you…?

I bet you are feeling foolish

Annieloveme: I hate you Vishu

Joe_1964: lol… same to you baby… go practice your arts and graces on your next victim

Annieloveme: Damn you to hell Vishu..!

Joe_1964: My guardian angel seems to have woken up at last

I’ve had a very lucky escape

don’t contact me again

I hope God is keeping an account and you get exactly what you deserve

[Joe_1964 has signed out from the chat]

Impossible to Embarrass