This video was made by a mother. Naturally, it presents a mother’s perspective. The things a mother would do for her child, the manner in which a mother experiences her child. This experience is unique to every mother. All mothers, including me, know that.

This doesn’t, however, mean that the video is only for mothers or women. I know men who experience their children as vividly and deeply as a mother would. Just as I know of many mothers whose child experience is casual and unremarkable… a chore… a duty to be gone through.

This video isn’t for parents to whom the experience of parenthood will never contain the word gift. They are in fact, relieved that they are now free and their job is done- never mind how the child turned out.

This video is for those parents who cherish- and have cherished- their child. It is for those who have made mistakes in parenting because they didn’t know better or because they had no idea of alternatives. Despite that, they did their best and nurtured their child to the best of their ability simply because their child is the most precious gift they have.

I wish I had seen this video before my first child was born. I may have done things differently. I would certainly have paid a lot more attention to the moments which were very precious- and I didn’t know it then. There would have been a lot more deliberation in my parenting than there was. I would have been a lot less afraid and a lot more demonstrative.

If you are a new parent, or a fairly new parent, I envy you. I know there will be days when the sleep- deprived nights and the 24×7 demands of your child will irk you. You will feel guilty then, but you must not. No parent has ever said that their journey was all roses the entire while. They may say it twenty years removed from the oh God has she woken up again! time but when caught in the thick of it, they certainly do not. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

It is perfectly fine to be irked at such moments. The rest of the time, remember what it feels like. This time will be over too soon and then you’ll only have a bunch of memories to bury your face into and inhale deeply. When that time comes, I pray that you will relive the unique fragrance of your child.

How else does one  add depth to one’s ordinary days?