Happy Teacher’s Day and Happy Janmashtami!

This post is dedicated to all those who have touched my life and helped open my eyes to an elusive life secret I desperately needed to learn so I could move forward.

I offer gratitude and abiding affection to those who educed by opening locked perceptions deep within me. To those who were not teachers in the strict sense of the word, but who taught nevertheless- either by example or by a moving demonstration of pure courage.

Teachers (2)

To those who caused me to learn unpleasant (but essential) lessons, my gratitude is even deeper. But for you, I wouldn’t have been the person I am. Thank you for lighting the fire under my feet. It has helped burn a few imperfections… though a lot still remain. I still need many more teachers, I know. As always, they will appear when I need them most, of that I am certain.

Teachers (3)

Thank you for taking the turns you took, Life. You never let me get complacent; you never let me get stagnant. You churned me with a brisk hand when you saw me settling into dreary mundane. It hurt horribly at times Life… I must confess. I hated you when you did that- every single time. I grumbled and tore my hair; I cursed you and threw bitter invective in your serene face. But you did what needed to be done- without apology, reserve or mercy. You knew I needed to be pushed out of my nest of comfort. And you pushed me with a unhesitating, firm hand.

Teachers (4)

I am tempted to grumble even in this moment, as I express my gratitude for your exertions on my behalf. Know however, that it is only my lazy mind that kicks up the rebellious row. My soul is in a state joy. You merely created the circumstances that compelled me to move into channels already chosen by my soul. It charts out the path; you make sure I march on it. Both of you worked in perfect sympathy to take me through the things I needed to experience- the thorns as well as the sweet flowers.

Teachers (5)

I know the inevitability and rightness of all that you did, yet I grumble at times. Your lessons ARE very brutal at times, aren’t they? And so unexpected. As if you were slapped between the eyes with a wet towel when you were least expecting it. It is any wonder that an expletive escapes you and your eyes water profusely?

Teachers (6)

Later, when I regain my senses and the pain recedes a little, I am astounded. Because that’s when I see the safety net you had thoughtfully put into place before you went into your slap-with-the-wet-towel act. That’s when I notice the hand which was ready with the towel to wipe away my tears. That’s when I see the chest I rested my bruised forehead on when I could neither see nor think.

Teachers (7)

Thank you for sending the most wonderful, the most compassionate people into my life exactly when I needed them. In the first moment you might seem brutal, but the truth is, your gentleness is incredible. Thank you for this deep love… I am yet to believe it possible. It makes me so much more precious… to know that you would watch out for me so lovingly and thoroughly. Am I really precious to you, life? Really? Like, REALLY? Oh Golly!

That’s what you said all along, didn’t you?

Thank you Teachers!