There is more than limitlessness to the word Unbounded.

There is a freedom associated with the word, boisterous and exhilarating. It doesn’t speak of an absence of shackles; the feeling is not of fences being knocked down. The feeling is of a state where there never were boundaries; where there could never have been limits. The word creates a feel of uninhibited boundaryless-ness.

You are an Unbounded spirit. There were never any limits to you. You were born boundaryless. But it is so difficult to accept that, isn’t it? You argue against it until you are blue in the face. You bring up evidence- solid evidence- to prove how bound you are. You make a case against your limitlessness- and you win- after having lost your freedom. What price, victory?

Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.

~ Arthur Schopenhauer

The mind is a strange servant. Obedient to a fault, servile all the way. You tell it to prove your shackles to you and it will conjure up experiences of it until you can feel the cold metal biting into your flesh, lacerating and oozing blood. You tell it to show you your limitlessness, it will fling open Unbounded vistas before you, making you wonder how you ever thought there could have been any boundaries to you.

Limits don’t exist in nature. They’re only created by limited thinking.

~ Constance Chuks Friday

You have no impossible dreams but perhaps your time-frames are unrealistic. Your commitment must be to your destination, not to the timeline you have decided to reach it in.

This doesn’t mean you will not create time-frames. Of course you will! But if your goal takes you a bit (or more than a bit) longer to reach, how does make sense to abandon it altogether? You will never reach them then, that’s for sure. Your aspirations aren’t perishable, with a short shelf life. They wont wilt or curdle if they shoot past their delivery schedule!

There are no limits to how far you can go; how high you can fly; how deep you can dive. Your gift of boundarylessness doesn’t come with a conditions apply fine print. You can run down any path you choose and climb any mountain you want.

The sky is not my limit…I am.

~ T.F. Hodge

When you go to the river and ask her for water, she doesn’t ration the amount of water you will take. She throws herself open to you, offering all of herself to you. It isn’t her fault that you arrive with a spoon instead of a tanker train! For a more abundant content, you will first need to expand your container.

The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind.

~ Rumi

Your fears shrink your container. Your fears of your own brilliance make you snip away at the generous proportions of what you were born with. Your doubts are the shackles digging into your flesh. Instead of feeding your imagination with belief and faith, you pollute it with a diet of unfounded trepidation. You let your dread clip your wings. You let your terror run amok in your head. It is they who bind you; mind, body, heart and spirit; not the universe. The universe and its bounty are Unbounded, like you.

When you examine your life, you will be amazed at the way you have limited yourself in the past. You’ll wonder why, time and again, you have stepped back in the exact moment when a step forward could have won you all you labored for. You will find many abandoned dreams lying shriveled up in the dust- all because you wouldn’t let them ride on the winds of your imagination.

I mean that gods do not limit men. Men limit men.

~ Tom Robbins

Ask yourself what you gained by thwarting your own life like this. Ask yourself how it serves you to sabotage your own journey. Ask yourself if you are willing to live half a life simply because you are unreasonably afraid to draw a deep breath. Ask yourself how long you will keep yourself locked in the dungeons. Ask yourself if today will be the day when you decide that the quality of your life will be a true reflection of the quality of your spirit.

Because you see, your spirit is Unbounded.


Don’t limit yourself to being a mere fountain when you contain an ocean.

~ Vera Nazarian