The spelling of soap is s-o-a-p not s-o-p-e.

So watt?

The spelling is wrong!

Who cares? Yoeu still understod, didn’t youe?

Why can’t you bother to remember the correct spelling of words?! You aren’t even dyslexic!

Watt can a few alphabets here or three mater?

Oh, really?!

Yes.  Stp being such a grammar nazi!

***      ***

Apostrophe ‘s’ is used with a noun to show possession. Verbs aren’t living things and so can’t possess. You’d say- Rashmi wants Raman’s pen; not- Rashmi want’s Raman’s (or Ramans) pen. In the first sentence, wants shows the verb used in third person singular. The second is wrong.

She want’s to be a grammar nazi!

***      ***

There dog ran here and their barking loudly. There now trying to sell him.

That is all wrong! The correct sentences are: Their  dog ran here and there barking loudly. They’re now trying to sell him.

Their is actually a difference?

Yes, THERE is a difference, you nutcase!

You OUR such a terrible grammar nazi!

Illustration Mine
Illustration Mine