Woe Be Unto Me! (Three 55 Fictions)

The spelling of soap is s-o-a-p not s-o-p-e.

So watt?

The spelling is wrong!

Who cares? Yoeu still understod, didn’t youe?

Why can’t you bother to remember the correct spelling of words?! You aren’t even dyslexic!

Watt can a few alphabets here or three mater?

Oh, really?!

Yes.  Stp being such a grammar nazi!

***      ***

Apostrophe ‘s’ is used with a noun to show possession. Verbs aren’t living things and so can’t possess. You’d say- Rashmi wants Raman’s pen; not- Rashmi want’s Raman’s (or Ramans) pen. In the first sentence, wants shows the verb used in third person singular. The second is wrong.

She want’s to be a grammar nazi!

***      ***

There dog ran here and their barking loudly. There now trying to sell him.

That is all wrong! The correct sentences are: Their  dog ran here and there barking loudly. They’re now trying to sell him.

Their is actually a difference?

Yes, THERE is a difference, you nutcase!

You OUR such a terrible grammar nazi!

Illustration Mine
Illustration Mine
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21 thoughts on “Woe Be Unto Me! (Three 55 Fictions)”

    1. I only hope Grandpa appreciates how grammar saved him from a sticky end. 😀

      Thank you for coming by Sid. You were missed! 🙂

  1. Hahahaha You’re English is very bad, Dagny! I lyk that red bol. I sometimes feel a strong urge to band my head against it. Have you noticed that of late, people have started using ‘s for plural, plane’s, car’s etc. I think I am going to go looney, soon!

    1. I am sure we’re both going to be loony soon Rachna. The worst of it that they are so comfy with their pathetic language. Of all the things, that complacency pissed me off the most. They think accusing someone of being a grammar nazi is the solution to their inadequacies. And when I see experienced writers and bloggers write off late instead of of late I just feel a few blood vessels popping off in my head. I mean, what the..!!

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  3. hahaha .Great . Your post wants me to go and check my previous posts and correct the mistakes (specially of its and it’s) .I do them some times although inadvertently mostly(that’s what I would like to believe).

    1. Oh I’m sure all of us make mistakes at times Kriti. As you said, they happen inadvertently. It is when people try to convince you that correct grammar is ‘irrelevant’ that I wonder why they bother to write at all!

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