One talks about not letting one’s limitations determine the size of one’s sky.

Like you, I too have heard the stories. I too have been inspired and impressed. To my own limited extent, I too have tried to emulate them in my own life. But no other story has impacted me as much has this video has. There could be many reasons. Perhaps the impact is deeper because I can actually see the person who has chosen to remain inspired in the face of a difficulty many would have succumbed to.

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Perhaps this video has had a deeper impact because Phil Hansen did not just find a way around his difficulty, he found solutions that made his limitation impotent. It was no longer even relevant; he sprinted way ahead of it.

Perhaps this video has affected me because I see a passion so huge as to turn the limitation standing in its way into a ladder, to reach greater height than could have been reached without it. I really couldn’t say.

How have your limitations defeated you?

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