Traveling With A Stranger

I took my seat in the Delhi bound AC chair car, pleased that the adjoining seat was empty. At Agra a man came and claimed it. Resentfully, I glared at him.

He was a compulsive talker. In fifteen minutes, I wanted to tape his mouth. When mono-syllabic answers failed to shut him, I got progressively ruder.

It was he who saw the abandoned bag, grabbed it and ran to the door. He threw it with such force that he lost his footing too and was sucked out of the train. The bomb exploded in his face. The train rocked sideways gently, once.

The mouth was shut… at last.

Picture From Google Images
Picture From Google Images


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12 thoughts on “Traveling With A Stranger”

      1. Also made me think how ‘talkers’ are generally looked down upon and the silent (supposedly strong) types are romanticized too much.

        1. Stereotypes of all kind are unfair I think Shail. The talkative are no more shallow than the silent are wise. I wonder where we got these definitions from…

          1. Coming from a writer of your caliber, that is the bestest compliment I’ve ever been given.

            You made my day for many months to come. Thank you 🙂

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