You are incredibly, startlingly and marvelously beautiful. The most beautiful thing about you is that you don’t believe that you are. Let me prove it to you:

  1. You are a part of God and God is all beautiful, every bit of Him, including you.
  2. You are capable of giving, receiving and experiencing love. You experience begins with God’s love which will stay with you eternally, even when you (mistakenly) feel unloved.
  3. Your home, this earth, is beautiful. Remember the deep oceans and the stalwart mountains? Remember the frisky waterfalls and the vast, rich forests? You are beautiful because you had to match the setting, didn’t  you?
  4. You share the earth with the most magnificent and beautiful creatures God could create. Remember the flight of the albatross and the hovering of the humming- bird? Remember the cheetah’s incredible streak of speed and the gazelle’s incredible and delicate grace? God didn’t make any creature less than the other. Hence you are as beautiful any other creature of the earth.
  5. You are unrepeatable and unique. There is no one in the universe like you. Rare, matchless things are beautiful, else why did you ever run after those brilliantly colored butterflies you’d never seen before?
  6. You are whole and undivided. You are perfect in your completeness. A child is not a work- in- progress adult. A child is whole and complete as a child. Later, he will be whole and complete as an adolescent… or a teenager… or a young adult…. then as an adult. At every stage of his life, the child is complete. You are complete as you are at this moment.
  7. You are a being of discernment and choice. God trusts you enough to give you the gift of free- will. You have God’s unconditional trust. You didn’t have to do anything to earn that trust. It was given to you and you will always have it. Always. Even when you make muddled decisions that probably make God want to tear His divine hair out.
  8. You can dream of things that don’t exist. With that dream painted in vibrant colors behind your eyelids, you can walk forward with deliberation and and purposeful awareness and turn that dream into a thing of tangible reality.
  9. Your potential is so vast that you constantly amaze yourself with your accomplishments.
  10. You are a being whose range of vision can span unlimited distances. Your courage is such that when your unlimited vision shows you an uncharted path, you step forward and walk it with faith.
  11. Your faith is the biggest miracle of all. While your demons maliciously feeds your fears, your faith renders them ineffective simply by letting them scream while it remains unshakable within the deepest recesses of your heart.
  12. Your fears are the most beautiful thing about you. They are not unsightly scabs on the walls of your consciousness. They mark the site from which grace flows into your soul.
  13. You are blessed with the power to heal yourself and others. You can selflessly become the conduit to allow healing to flow to another who is depleted and weak. In this way you heal yourself and another.
  14. You can experience sorrow and suffering. You can turn incendiary in rage. You anger can drive you berserk like an out of control tornado. Your insecurities compel you to look for slugs in unlikely places. These emotions are your cry for help, asking the universe for grace and healing. These emotions are beautiful, like you.
  15. With no agenda, asking nothing for yourself, you can extend a hand to another to help them climb out of a hole they fell into. You can spare the time to look for a place to paste a little sticker merely to remind some random stranger that they are beautiful. And that’s astoundingly beautiful.

These are my proofs; what are yours?