Early To Bed


I am an early riser. AND… I go to bed early too! There, I said it!

The Healthy, Wealthy and Wise part has not come together as yet, but I persevere. On the other hand, I have no significant health issues (touch wood) and I get by pretty okay financially (touch wood again). As for wisdom, do spare my blushes!

All in all, I think the early to bed, early to rise deal is working out famously for me. So why on earth would I want to rock the status quo (do forgive the mixed metaphors!)? Merely because you can’t imagine someone falling asleep at 9 PM and even less, someone up at 4.30 AM? My dear friend, am I to plunge myself in a life of unmitigated horror because you have a limited supply of imagination?

Lose an hour in the morning and you will be all day hunting for it.

~Richard Whately

I agree that my bed-time hours are unusual enough to stick out like a sore thumb. I know that the majority stays up late and rises late. It suits them fine, so who am I to complain? I’m not trying to convert them to my way of thinking, why are they trying to convert me to theirs? Moreover, isn’t it time they realized that they had better give up trying to convert me? Its been decades, aren’t they tired yet? And why not, pray?

For the life of me I can’t regret having missed a call because the call came way past my bed-time. Nor do I regret many of the other activities I miss because I sleep early.

I don’t call people at 5 AM and expect them to answer. Why do they expect me to receive their call at 10.30 PM? If 5 AM is an outlandish hour for them, why can’t 11 PM… or even 10 PM… be equally outlandish for me?

I realize that there might be no more than a scant handful of people like me left in this beautiful world of ours. To be honest, I haven’t met many myself. I’ve met insomniacs, but naturally they don’t qualify.

The thing is, I need my sleep. I can stay up for a couple of nights- as in stay up all night- with no adverse effects. But on the third night I am certain to fall asleep by six in the evening. And sleep until next morning without once waking up. So sleep deprivation isn’t something I’m frightfully good at… not anymore.

I don’t take a nap (power or otherwise) during the day either. Which means, the shut-eye I get during the night is all there is for me. If I fall short there, I’d be absolutely befuddled and unproductive. That would be pretty awful, right? A weird person is bad enough, but a befuddled weirdo? GAD!

It isn’t that I like to sleep early. I don’t particularly. In fact, given a choice I would not sleep at all. In any case, I wouldn’t sleep until all hours. And I would call everybody left, right and center. The thought gives me a strange but deep joy. I’m not asocial as all that it seems. Hmmm….!

Early rising not only gives us more life in the same number of years, but adds, likewise, to their number; and not only enables us to enjoy more of existence in the same time, but increases also the measure.

~ Caleb C. Colton

I like waking up early. Sleeping early is the other end of the stick to waking up early. As we all know, when you pick up one end of the stick you automatically pick up the other. If I could stay up late and yet wake up fresh before dawn, I’d be delighted. But alas, that is not to be. I must sleep early because that’s the only way I can wake up early.

There might have been a time when early risers were as numerous as late risers, but not anymore. Early risers are becoming rare and may shortly go extinct. Another species will disappear from the face of the earth. Which would be rather sad. It is always dismaying to watch the door close on you with finality. But until it actually comes to pass, people like me must carry the torch aloft, all by our ownsome.

To make light of an onerous duty, I think of myself as a rare (and hence precious) species who ought to be specially nurtured and pampered before we are done in entirely. I mean, what would the world be but for people like me? Has anyone bothered to think of that? I bet not! All anybody has thought of is how to turn the world into a photocopy of itself. How mind-numbingly dull!

When one is different from the norm, it upsets those who live bang in the middle of it. I can almost understand (almost, not quite) why the middle-of-the-norm category would try to rescue those on the far reaches of normalcy. It is sweet of them really. I’m sure they think the off normal folks are being chewed to threads by the denizens that flourish on the edges.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

The time just before dawn contains the most energy of all hours of the day. This has helped me become an early riser and an early doer . . . When I wake to see that it’s light out already, I feel the world has started without me.

~ Terri Guillemets

There are no denizens out at the far reaches.

There is just the quiet of the pre-dawn hush when even the birds are asleep. The moon shines bright enough to cast sharp shadows. The breeze- funnily, there’s almost always a happy, playful breeze about at that hour- is deliciously cool. It carries a thousand stories tucked into its folds; stories it wants to whisper breathlessly into your ears.

The earth breathes evenly, gearing herself to witness the miracle of the birth of another day. The silence is deep and soft and benign; urging you to replenish the bonds you have forged with yourself over many lifetimes. You know in your soul that renewing those bonds is all the Health, Wealth and Wisdom you will ever need.

You take deep, grateful breaths of that certainly.

Early To Bed

Early To Bed

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8 thoughts on “Early To Bed”

  1. I am going to change my routine as soon as I get over this nasty infection! I am so inspired after reading this post, Dagny. You know for many years I used to wake up very early, before 5. I remember how wonderful I used to feel all day after having spent some quiet moments in the early morning. I miss that now. I have been spoiled, I know! But I will try to change. I really want to. I must. This new ‘normal’ of going to bed late and waking up late isn’t really normal, as you and I both know. Being in harmony with the cycle of nature is truly normal. So I want to get back to that normal. You have given me the much-needed motivation, my friend.

  2. Oh I am another of those who sleep early, a little later than you, but early enough. In fact, this is the last thing I will do tonight 🙂 I need my eight hours of sleep at night AND a nap during the day. What does that make me? A sleepyhead? Maybe, but if I have to stay awake late two days in a row (even 11 PM is late for me) I come down with a migraine on the third and sleep through the day! Not worth losing a day is it now? As far as early sleepers are concerned, I will be there with you to see that they don’t become extinct. 😀

    1. One of the falsest beliefs is that all of us need the same amount of sleep to function a full capacity. I know many who are perfectly fine with 5 hours of sleep! I envy them, of course. 😛

      So you need a tad more than I do… why should that make you a sleepy head? It certainly doesn’t!

  3. Exactly my thoughts – I am an early riser too and go to bed by 10pm (even on weekends). I have written it multiple times on my blog too 😊

    Happy to have found company, I didn’t hear of it earlier from anybody around.

    1. Happy to have found company too Alok! I never heard anyone else say it either. I guess folks like us prefer living their lives in public silence. 😀

  4. I wake up by 6 – 6.15. Some days especially on a Sunday, I try to sleep till 7. Never got up at 5 unless it was for an exam. 🙂 But do sleep by 10 – 10.30 on most days. I think it is lovely to do what your heart desires of course within the constraints of sending the kids off to school and your own desires.

    1. By most standards then, you’re an early riser. Most people don’t wake up before 7-7.30. But that’s early enough I guess. All of have our own biological clock I guess. 🙂

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